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Microsoft adCenter Gets Some New Upgrades

Microsoft’s Pay-Per-Click advertising program, adCenter introduced three new features to aid advertisers better manage their ad placements on Microsoft’s search advertising program. The adCenter blog categorizes these new features into three namely:

Immediate editorial feedback – to save advertisers’ time when submitting ad campaigns, adCenter immediately sends feedback to the advertisers saying whether their ad campaigns adhere to adCenter’s editorial requirements. In this way, advertisers can immediately modify their ad campaigns before finally submitting those campaigns to adCenter. Likewise when an advertiser saves new or edited keywords, adCenter displays whether the keyword is new or in error state if it did not pass the editorial requirements. This new feature also covers ads with disapproved keywords or keywords with disapproved ad campaigns. If the association between ads and keywords is in active status, it means that both the keywords and ads passed the editorial review and can be immediately serve by adCenter.

Enhanced campaign management – Ad campaign updates are immediately displayed when the ads have been submitted and have passed adCenter’s editorial review. To better manage ad campaign, adCenter lets advertisers to set a daily budget target with a maximum monthly budget. This allows advertisers to better budget their ad expenditures and maximizes the potential of their existing active ads. To lessen editorial disapprovals, adCenter now allows advertisers to set default dynamic text when a keyword exceeds the maximum character limit for ad campaigns. And finally for ad campaign management, the import function has been upgraded to make it easier for advertisers to directly import ad campaigns from other search engine advertising program such as Google Adwords.

Improved reporting capabilities – This new feature allows for easy access to report options, create customized report and interact or customize advertiser’s report data.

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Microsoft adCenter Gets Some New Upgrades

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