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Merry Christmas SEO Jingle

I saw this and couldn’t help but share to our readers.  Special thanks to the team behind Online Partners.  I love that there are Marketing Agencies out there that are coming up with creative things like this for the holidays for their companies and their clients.  It’s awesome things like this that make our industry amazing and unique.

Merry Christmas and Enjoy!


Lyrics for the SEO Christmas song (Jingle bells cover):

Dancing through the SERPs,
keywords are on their way.
To the top we go,
is were we want to stay.
Sourcecode clean and smooth
H1 is in its place.
Let’s go longtail and begin on a new landing page

Analyze optimize,
need I say it twice?
Spam and black-hat cloaking
are not choices that are wise
Analyze optimize,
what is the grand price?
Getting tons of traffic,
oh you won’t believe its size

You know what Santa says
that good content is king.
If you please your users
more traffic it will bring.
Yes Google+ is new,
but please don’t leave it blank.
Let’s get social and begin improving AuthorRank.

Analyze optimize,
we just want to rise
Traffic and convertions
reaching record-breaking heights.
Analyze optimize,
Begin to Googlize
Soon you’ll see your S-E-O
starts to monetize

Be aware of Panda
pages cannot be thin.
If you build spammy links
you’ll get hit by Penquin
Fix duplicate content
although it seems complex
You may set meta-robots to nofollow, noindex

Analyze optimize
Santa never flies,
with his sleigh unless his route
with Google Maps complies
S-E-O never dies
just a kind advice
So have a merry Christmas and then start to optimize

Chrismas SEO Song



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Merry Christmas SEO Jingle

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