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Megavideo : The YouTube Killer?

Megavideo is the self proclaimed Youtube Killer. They want you to stop using Youtube and to ONLY use Megavideo because they claim they love you more. Megavideo is on a mission to become the words leading video sharing site and has its goals set very high.

Megavideo does have the traffic and the gimmicks but as far as marketing tools go they are seriously lacking. However Megavideo supports 6 languages and is in multiple countries. This site is more based on usability and not marketability for your videos.

Quantcast estimates with around 226,206 monthly unique visitors to their site. Not a bad number and according to Alexa traffic metrics you can see that this number has recently jumped up and is gaining some serious momentum.

The videos that make the home page and that become popular on Megavideo are not commercial videos and our study showed that the majority of the videos had to do with car and truck accidents, humans doing strange things and Asian content videos. On this site standard social marketing titles work well, top 10 lists and sensationalized content will help make your video popular.

Megavideo is lacking in marketing tools but has a few features that are worth mentioning. has a toolbar that you can install on IE and Firefox that allows resumable uploads and batch uploads to the site that make uploading a large amount of videos to this site very easy.

The site also comes with a robust video manager to help you sort, edit and manage your large video upload list. Another aspect that makes Megavideo unique is that it allows you to download videos from the site which is typically somethign that sites like Youtube frown upon.

Adbrite has partnered with Megavideo to allow you to get paid for your views and video downloads. Megavideo also offers a robust rewards program which is great for Generation Y’ers who spend a large amount of time watching video.

Marketing tools I found and use are:

  • Import function to turn a Youtube link into a Megavideo link
  • Invite to subscribe link allows you to subscribe by tag, user and profile
  • Visitor exchange allows you to get equal amount of visitors sent to your content that you send to other content
  • Get unlimited amount of space for video uploads
  • HTTP and FTP file fetching capabilities
  • Their rewards system is great for companies who submit video or for clients looking to make an roi off of hiring a company to do video syndication

As for profile functions there are not many advanced functions to use. However the site can be used to gain good SEO value for videos submitted and can help generate revenue for you or the client who hired you to submit videos for them.

Joe Whyte is the President of, which offers quality Internet Marketing solutions at competitive rates, from social media marketing and reputation management to SEO and PPC.

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Megavideo : The YouTube Killer?

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