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Measure Your Display Ad’s Impact with AdWords Campaign Insights

Measure Your Display Ad’s Impact with AdWords Campaign Insights

Following the view-through reporting campaign it rolled out recently, Google AdWords is launching a new ad campaign impact measurement tool called Campaign Insights. Campaign Insights will let you measure how well your display ad campaign is working beyond just clicks.

According to the Inside AdWords blog, Campaign Insights is a unique measurement tool that gives you reliable data about how a particular ad campaign was able to raised brand awareness or active user interest on a particular product or service that you are promoting. It measures the incremental lift in both online search activity and website visits brought by display ad campaign, beyond the usual click and conversion indicators.

Campaign Insights  analyzes large quantities of data and compare two data sets – large group of users who saw and ad against a large group that did not see the the same ad to see whether there is a big difference in searches and visits to an advertiser’s websites. It will then determine whether the incremental change directly attributable to the display ad campaign is enough to establish how well a display ad campaign is effectively working beyong clicks.

Campaign Insights is currently available for display ad campaign in the US and UK. It will be a useful tool for you if you’re running display ad campaigns over the Google Content Network.

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Measure Your Display Ad’s Impact with AdWords Campaign Insights

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