Matt Cutts Reminds Webmasters That Google Will Always Be Changing

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Matt Cutts Reminds Webmasters That Google Will Always Be Changing

On the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel yesterday, Matt Cutts answered the following question from a user:

Since Google has actively been updating its search results, it is hard for people to trust Google anymore. Should one start focusing on getting leads from social media other than search engine results?

Matt’s response, seen below reminds us (and the original querier) that Google has always been changing. The search engine is consistently looking for more ways to outwit spammers, provide more relevant and high quality search results, and improve their algorithms.

Webmasters that are trying to optimize for search engines should remember that Google changes are part of “what you sign up for” when doing SEO.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

The question also mentions getting leads from social media. Matt recommended that no one should be placing all their eggs in a search engine or Google basket. By also focusing on other avenues to get leads, such as social media, walk-in referrals, and even the yellow pages, you are more likely to continuously receive steady leads, even if one lead generation source (or several) declines.


Matt Cutt’s main point that SEOs and business owners alike need to adapt in order to have good experiences with Google and other search engines.

By focusing on high quality content and a well-optimized website, instead of spending too much time attempting to utilize black hat techniques, webmasters can realize that Google really is on their side.


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