Matt Cutts Reminds Webmasters That Google Will Always Be Changing

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On the Google Webmaster Help YouTube channel yesterday, Matt Cutts answered the following question from a user:

Since Google has actively been updating its search results, it is hard for people to trust Google anymore. Should one start focusing on getting leads from social media other than search engine results?

Matt’s response, seen below reminds us (and the original querier) that Google has always been changing. The search engine is consistently looking for more ways to outwit spammers, provide more relevant and high quality search results, and improve their algorithms.

Webmasters that are trying to optimize for search engines should remember that Google changes are part of “what you sign up for” when doing SEO.

Don’t Put Your Eggs in One Basket

The question also mentions getting leads from social media. Matt recommended that no one should be placing all their eggs in a search engine or Google basket. By also focusing on other avenues to get leads, such as social media, walk-in referrals, and even the yellow pages, you are more likely to continuously receive steady leads, even if one lead generation source (or several) declines.


Matt Cutt’s main point that SEOs and business owners alike need to adapt in order to have good experiences with Google and other search engines.

By focusing on high quality content and a well-optimized website, instead of spending too much time attempting to utilize black hat techniques, webmasters can realize that Google really is on their side.


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Kelsey Jones
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Kelsey Jones
Kelsey Jones
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  • Great reminder! This just shows that link building is not gonna work in the next coming years. So SEOs better start changing your model of optimizing . At the end of the day, you would rather want more clients and leads that come to you by doing an exact match search on your brand name rather than aimlessly searching through branding keywords of your industry.

  • Jaydeep Kapadia

    More and more people are relying on Google to search for information. And Google wants its search result to be informative and not selling products or services. If someone comes to Google for something, then s/he should receive the exact thing what s/he is looking for not the cheap selling sites.

    In brief we can say that Google is delivering quality results now as compared to the past and is giving priority to those sites which are producing informative content rather than just selling their product.

  • Hi Kelsey,

    You are right, people are now finding it difficult to place their full trust on Google. You never know when Google is going to kick you out of their SERP. It could be harmful for the reputation of Google as people are trying to look beyond Google and finding other alternatives.

    Improvement and evolution is always good, there is no doubt about it but blowing previous strategies to gain acceptance through a completely new strategy could get tough and I believe Google is taking a big risk in the market. Trust is the biggest factor behind the success of any company and once it is lost, it won’t be easy to gain it back.

    Thanks Kelsey for sharing your thoughts about the topic.

  • Matt Cutts refereed to yellow pages listing , this means local citations building also an good method of linking and traffic

  • Changing is fine, but it really shocks you, when you find results in SERP totally different to Google announcements, Penguin2.1 is live , you search for a particular keyword and then you find the top result is a page with 2 lines of content with irrelevant data and poor back link portfolio.

    I wont be surprised if in coming years Bing & Yahoo give a tough competition to Google for its money.

  • It’s good reminder, I think Google is most popular search engine which is necessary to stop spamming for delivering good and quality search result.

  • Considering above points, Backlinks is not the backbone of SEO anymore. Website quality, Social Signal and relevancy do play an important role.

  • Its a great specific information from Google that their algorithmic change is rather natural being be happened in future. I appreciate it and welcome of their great advice also that we shouldn’t put our eggs in a single basket. A nicest suggestion. Its is not worry from the white hat SEO masters who are quite ready to get changes to get adapt simultaneously, because they need better security in sustainable SEO, need better information in sustainable achievements. Thank you very much for this realtime article.

  • Search is gong in right direction, if someone is ready to cop up with the changes or updates then follow Matt Cutts’s advise that don’t relay on one source for business leads. But if the website owner changes their approach/strategy according to algorithmic updates then organic search is best source for traffic and as well business leads.
    For better user experience & better results in longer run Google have to kick out the spammers.

  • Search engines are supposed to provide users with the best website’s for a given search. What makes a good website in the first place? Latest content update? Using up to date technologies? Nicest font and graphics? etc.. The websites I think are the best are probably different from what you think are the best.. Google has the data, all the data… and naturally are striving to provide a ‘product’ that will please the majority of internet users and so attract advertisers so they can keep collecting and analyzing all that data… all this to say; build GOOD websites that people will enjoy spending their precious time on and search engines will notice.

  • Can’t help but to leave a comment… I bet We all love and hate google at the same time! Times have changed, you have to change your game plan to keep up with the updates more than ever now. It is harsh to certain people but it is a fact. Dear friends, let’s embrace the changes : )

  • This is no-brainer since we’ve been adapting to their changes since their inauguration. This honestly isn’t a reminder since it should be very apparent especially this year with the many changes Google has made to their algorithms. It’s not like Google is going to say, “Alright, we did good enough in 2013, let’s chill from now on”. It’s only going to progress which inevitably means we’re all just going to have to keep adapting to Google’s ever-changing search algorithms like we’ve been doing since day 1.

  • but how do we actually optimize our website for google nowadays? there are updates after updates and before you know it, the way you optimize your site are already out-dated and probably useless when the next one comes along…