Matt Cutts on Negative SEO

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For the last several months there has been a great deal of discussion of negative SEO, what it is and how to counteract it.  Matt Cutts, head of the Google Webspam team, talks about how Google is addressing negative SEO and explains how the Disavow Links tool works.  Cutts specifically addresses the concerns of local small businesses, so be sure to watch all the way through.

Michelle Stinson Ross

Michelle Stinson Ross

Content & Outreach Goddess at AuthorityLabs
Michelle Stinson Ross is a digital marketing industry recognized authority on the outreach power of social media. She has worked as a community manager and consultant for several brands to increase brand awareness, raise the visibility of special promotions, and train their teams to use the social space to connect with media influencers and the public. Michelle is part of the marketing team at AuthorityLabs and co-hosts #SocialChat, a Twitter based live chat that covers a variety of topics geared toward social media marketing (Mondays at 9 p.m. ET). Her passion for social media marketing has made her a regular conference speaker at events like ClickZ Live, and Search Marketing Expo. She has also been a featured guest on Webmaster Radio and several industry Hangouts on Air.
Michelle Stinson Ross
Michelle Stinson Ross
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  • optiinfo

    nice video. I was very confused about disallow links once it was published but after watching this matt cutt video I am totally aware of this new features. I have applied it on my sites.. Thanks once again

  • Marty Martin

    The Disavow Links tool is such a finger-in-the-dike solution.

    If I was in a position where I didn’t understand SEO or have a search consulting team at my disposal, negative SEO, would be a legitimate concern. (And that describes most of the “mom and pop” shops Matt keeps talking about.) And the disavow tool is an after the fact solution. It certainly isn’t much of a stretch to see how a smaller e-commerce site could be essentially driven out of business in short order if they were penalized due to this sort of tactic. And I know Matt says it doesn’t happen much, but I’ve seen it twice in the last 6 months myself…

  • JC Anthony

    I Think he addressed it pretty good, I like the answer, sum it don’t try to fool Google!

  • Bk

    The disavow tool is a great tool from google, trouble is if u disavow the wrong links . they need to make it simpler

  • rico_suarez

    I think that much bigger threat to “mom and pop” shops is schizophrenic Google’s algo than negative SEO. Negative SEO is not the real problem for most of sites, however, crazy and absurd changes in algo are definitely a threat…

  • faisal Kaleem

    The disavow tool is a good tool but we need to make sure for links it is little bit of complex. Ws have to very careful for links otherwise it will effect bad results.

  • Prem Nath

    Awesome ! Creation ever by Google…

  • Asi Faridi

    Google updates its algorithm day by day and penalized Negative SEO. its easy to disavow a link by this tool because some websites charged for removing the link from its site.

  • Bharat Buddhadeo

    Thanks for sharing helpful video. Lot of people gets confused about disallow link tool, above video is really helpful for those who understand which back-link is harmful & how can we remove unwanted or low quality link with the help of webmaster tool.

  • Diwakar

    Good to hear that “Google” tries very hard to design an algorithm, now on-wards spammers will not overtake Google. Thanks Michelle for sharing a wonderful post.

  • Yash Kaushik

    disavow tool is a Effective tool from Google, It will help to stop spammer, and support to best and pure seo

  • Charlie

    Interesting. Matt touches on the fact that mom and pop sites don’t need to worry about this kind of attack. To me this implies that the algo could possible be very different for each niche.

  • Jay Van Ryssel

    I have always suspected that Google’s Algo. functions differently for non English speaking countries. Also based on the fact that In Belgium/Netherlands “link farms” still get high rankings.

  • Samantha Faith-Parker

    Not found a lot of joy with the disavow process, quite the opposite in fact.
    After being hit back in 2012 I spent 8 months playing pat-a-cake with Google. They insisted I put more effort into getting the links removed myself.
    Of the 22,000 links I was spammed with overnight in November 2012 – I managed to manually remove 3. I sent in the region of 13,000 emails, so many I had to hire a service to do it, and got 4 replies. 1 of them was telling me where I could put my request to have a link removed “It’s your fault”..even though it wasn’t.
    Read today that massive scale negative SEO is still ongoing and Google are still responding in the same way
    An issue I’ve found out since is just how very simple it is to destroy a site with links like these. I am not internet savvy when it comes to linking, but after all my investigation it appears that the service or method used was likely something that took virtually no time effort or cost, yet had such a devastating affect on my poor website.
    Surprised that Google has developed a system whereby sending out poor quality articles and blog posts benefits anyone, surely they are bound by a responsibility to ensure that spam like this benefits no-one, just in case it escalates and everyone is spamming their competitors.
    Maybe it will take an anti-trust law suit to sort this out.

    Samantha F-P