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Today we are at Pubcon, live with Matt Cutts.  Matt starts off talking about the history of Pubcon and that this is his 11th Pubcon that he’s been too!

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Generally, most people should have to worry about this.  One of the things Hummingbird goes after is signals for sites that are in the grey zone of Panda. This helps them and makes them more relevant to the search queries people are searching for.

If you’re a resource, keep becoming a bigger authority

Smartphone ranking is something we’re trying to help.  Help getting deeper pages ranked a bit higher on mobile.


Penguin 2.0 and 2.1

  • We’ve been going after spammy queries like “payday loans” and other very spammy things.  He jokes about trolling blackhat forms… seeing people unhappy.  This is a very good signal to me!
  • We’re trying to create content and videos on malware and hacked sites.
  • Trying to give concrete examples in guidelines of sites that are violating things.
  • We’re going to keep machine learning.

Mobile is HUGE. 2011 – YouTube had 6% of traffic from Mobile phone, 2012 it had 25% Mobile traffic.  In 2013 YouTube has 40% of all traffic from Mobile Phones.  What does this mean for you?  Means that we should be busting our butt to make our sites mobile friendly.



Going to be honest, you won’t see many updates for the next six months.  We’re going after hackers and extreme spammy people.

No PageRank – we have our own that updates daily.  PageRank to toolbar broke the other day.  We have nobody on staff to fix it.  So we won’t update it for the rest of the year. Sorry


Matt Cutts SEO Advice from Pubcon

  • Mobile: Be ready
  • Learn about requestAutocomplete – annotate your forms
  • Ad-heavy pages about the fold – more of an impact.  Get rid of your ad that’s at the top center of your webpage.
  • Tightening Authorship – 15% reduction.  We want to improve the credibility of the authors for readers.  Quality is huge.
  • Rich snippets may depend on site quality. We’ve found a middle ground and going to implement a lot more of it.
  • Google is getting smarter on JavaScript.  If you want to use common frameworks and still be indexed well.  We’ll keep improving this.

Matt Cutts – Things to do now

  • Signup for Webmaster tools today if you haven’t.  We’re trying to give you everything there.

Negative SEO

We’ve built the algorithm such that ONE person couldn’t torpedo a site  There are so many people thinking about negative SEO and their competitors are going after them.  We put up disavow tool for you.  You should be able to disavow on a site level as well.  This is very minimal and doesn’t happen that well.  With Google Webmaster Tools, you can get up to 100k links that your site has and get rid of whichever ones you don’t like or think are negative to you.  You can sort by most recent.  Do it!


@mattcutts vs @Jason (Matt Cutts vs Jason Calacanis)

If you were at yesterdays keynote @Jason bashed Cutts.  Today Cutts defends Google and what was said!

1st – We had to move fast when attacking spam.  We attacked anything that looked like a content farm.  But when most of the site is spam, there is nothing we can do.  Even if you have some quality content but mostly negative content… nothing can be done.

2nd – Don’t get mad at a traffic cop for the Government shutting down.

3rd – We don’t give preferential treatment to partners or people that pay us a lot of money.

4th – We get called out all the time. We try and look at the kernel of truth behind everything and try and figure out how to make things better.  Cause that’s what the users want, a better internet.

Bottom line, I won’t have a cage match with ANYONE.  Send in your critiques.  I like them cause they make Google a better place for everyone.

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  • Larry Kim

    Great write up John! So matt cutts takes the high road and refuses to be dragged into the mud. that’s great!

  • David Cohen

    Your opening sentence appears to be a misquote from Matt Cutts. I heard him say the opposite of this.

  • Kyle

    Seriously, way to go Matt!

  • Alvin Brown

    This is great info, John! Thanks for sharing.

  • Stellan Herr

    Has Matt Cutts responded in any way to what Jason Calacanis said in his keynote?

  • Alex

    Hey John, thanks for sharing. Am glad that they are going after the hackers but am wondering how they gonna do that.. I was hacked multiple times on different sites and its really frustrating. Hope they clamp down on this soon!

  • Jitendra Vaswani

    Mobile SEO will be key in 2014

  • James H.

    That’s great to hear Google is finally taking a stance on negative SEO! Knowing that one person can’t take down someone’s reputation like they used to is a relief, but will their new algorithm be able to stop several false accounts from attacking your online reputation? I guess having a good online reputation management strategy is always a wise idea until we know for sure.

  • SEO Enquirer

    “If you’re a resource, keep becoming a bigger authority”

    So we can scrape you and put it in our knowledge graph.

  • Lakhwinder

    So now we have to start Mobile SEO, It seems PR will never updated due to laziness of Google 😛

  • Stellan Herr

    Thank you John for adding some info about the dispute Jason vs Matt – really appreciate it.

  • SEO Enquirer

    I find it kind of funny that they invite Matt to these events anyway. He is the enemy, sure he says some general things about the Google but generally the crap he dumps at any con is stuff we can pick up from his videos. He really gives us nothing new or important in his presentations.

    • Sarah Schager

      Any SEO who thinks Matt is the enemy is doing it wrong. If you’re going to Pubcon looking for cheat codes then you can bet that you’ll be affected by all of the friendly black and white animal updates your “enemy” puts out.

      • SEO Enquirer

        It has nothing to do with black or white hats. It has nothing to do with updates like penguins, pandas but it does have to do with hummingbirds.

        When knowledge graph takes over all of page one what will SEO look like then? What will you be telling your clients? Don’t believe it can happen? try searching for “diabetes symptoms” what does the above the fold experience look like to you? For me it is only ads and scraped content.

        Sarah quite frankly you are pretty typical of today’s breed of SEO. No for thought and a willingness to re-bleat whatever Danny Sullivan et al feed you. I guess I can’t expect you to understand SEO when your title is “Social Media Strategist”.

  • Sarah Schager

    You might want to re-read my comment, as I never mentioned white or black hat SEO.

    I’m not sure what’s wrong with your search results, but when I search for that term I get results from credible sources that would be expected to rank.

    Thank you for calling me typical. No one has fed me anything. To put VERY simply: I believe in creating great, well-optimized, content that people will naturally want to share, and placing it on a website that is made with the user experience in mind. You are looking for short-cuts and they are catching up to you. But I didn’t need to tell you that.

    Thanks for taking a jab at my title, that was helpful and very mature (and not irrelevant at all). Don’t bother responding, have a great day. 🙂

  • SEO Enquirer

    So you are allowed to tell me I am doing it wrong out when someone points out the obvious that you aren’t even an SEO you get upset?

    You original comment wasn’t meant to be confrontational albeit in a somewhat passive aggressive way. My problem is that I don’t respond to passive aggressive jibes in kind. I just respond aggressively.

    Quite frankly people like you are the problem with SEO these days. You come to it late and then think you know everything. If all the SEO you know you learnt at pubcon or SMX or any other event then trust me you are no SEO.

    • Sarah

      Your credibility goes further down the drain with every word you type. Another jab at my title? Really? You’re right, my current position must imply that I have no knowledge of SEO at all. I couldn’t possibly know as much as someone with a PR 0 blog. Tell me more about all of your extensive SEO knowledge…

      Your problem isn’t that you respond aggressively, your problem is you have no idea what you’re talking about.

      So that’s all you got? Jabs at my title and the fact that I’m younger than you? Trust me, I don’t think I know it all but I do clearly have a better understanding than you. Good luck, sir.

      • SEO Enquirer

        You can’t help yourself can you Sarah? You keep coming back. You do realize you are being troll? You replied to my comment, that is how trolls start.

        I assume you need to make a living out of this SEO gig? Yet you don’t even seem to understand that in this case you would have been served better with a “you are entitled to your opinion and I am entitled to mine” statement but no you keep biting and keep coming back

        As someone who is supposed to understand Social Engagement you are a clear lack of judgement in this case.

        I have wasted as much time as could be bothered to with this and guess what I no longer need to make any money from SEO. Yet you who does seem to need to earn a living from it seem to willing to waste cycles on it. I feel sorry for your clients.

  • Sarah Schager

    This might be the funniest comment you’ve left thus far. We are having a conversation. If I’m a troll, then you’re a troll.

    I do understand social engagement and I’m proud of the comments I’ve made. That’s why I’ve attached my name to them unlike you (which is probably for the best in your case).

    There’s so much to say but I’ll leave it at that. Thanks for putting up with this conversation, John. I wonder what this guy’s self-proclaimed enemies Matt and Danny would say? 🙂

    • SEO Enquirer

      All your comments have been funny 🙂

  • The crest

    Am wondering who are those attending Pubcon, just sign up for webmaster tools if you haven’t : ) Chill!