Matt Cutts Clarifies Guest Blogging for SEO (with tips)

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Matt Cutts Clarifies Guest Blogging for SEO (with tips)

Matt Cutts dropped the hammer today on people that are guest blogging for links.

Matt Cutts stated “I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

Downfall of Guest Blogging SEO

He shows the following email:

Bad Guest Blogging Example


Here at SEJ we get 20+ of these same type pitches daily.  It’s annoying.  We are a site run by guest bloggers, though we’ve tightened up our guidelines to only accept the best posts out there.  I, much like Cutts is really getting sick of all the crap out there.  Cutts later explained “… stick a fork in it: guest blogging is done; it’s just gotten too spammy. In general I wouldn’t recommend accepting a guest blog post unless you are willing to vouch for someone personally or know them well. Likewise, I wouldn’t recommend relying on guest posting, guest blogging sites, or guest blogging SEO as a linkbuilding strategy.”

So if you don’t get what he’s talking about.  If you’re willing to have someone blog on your blog for you, they better produce good content and be a credible person.  You’re staking your reputation and the reputation of your blog on them.  I’d imagine that it will harm your blog/website if you have crappy content or crappy authors on it.

Moving Forward

First, SEO isn’t dead.  Guest posting isn’t dead. Our lives aren’t over.  If guest posting was your main strategy for getting SEO links, you may want to re-evaluate what you’re doing.  Guest posting is NOT dead and can be a very good source of links, but more importantly interactions that drive REAL people to your site.  Create amazing content and links that will help inspire people by it’s content.  That’s what’ll really help your SEO.  That type of SEO will never die.

I’m positive that Cutts isn’t bashing on all guest posting but more on people that are only guest posting for a stupid link.  Seriously people, stop guest posting for links.  Guest post cause you’re now infront of a unique audience that you can teach something new too.  Teach and inspire them.  Show them something they haven’t seen before.  Be a real part of a new community to expand your personal brand.  Focus on HIGH-QUALITY and not lower/garbage posts.

Where Do I Start?

So now comes the big question, where do I get started with higher quality guest posting and building quality links?  Honestly, there are a million places to get started.  Join your local community and become a strong voice for positive.  Read and comment on SEJ, SEL, SEW, Moz, Wordstream, Hubspot, Social Media Examiner, iAquire,, Google Webmaster Blog, Bing Blog, and 100’s of others.  Become the expert.  Comment on posts, show the community that you’re worth listening too.  Then start small.  Get your own blog.  Signup for the Examiner (pretty easy to get into). Then work your way up.

Remember:  Only post GOOD information that’s valuable to readers.  Honestly, if you’re putting up content that Matt Cutts would read and want to strangle you… you probably shouldn’t put it up.



Cutts added to his post “There are still many good reasons to do some guest blogging (exposure, branding, increased reach, community, etc.). Those reasons existed way before Google and they’ll continue into the future. And there are absolutely some fantastic, high-quality guest bloggers out there. I changed the title of this post to make it more clear that I’m talking about guest blogging for search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.”


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  • I don’t get it… Matt needed some attention or what? It was pretty clear that guest blogging for the sole purpose of SEO was a NO-NO before his post… He created panic and a few hours later he retracted to what we all knew?

  • Soni Dutta

    I do feel some serious steps are needed to create consciousness among those marketers who are doing guest blogging in a spammy way.
    I do feel this will be a nice red alert for those service providers,who are offering garbage quality guest blogging in the reputed marketing forums

    • I totally agree, why they didn’t get it till now is beyond me!

    • Yeah for real. I do SEO, but focus on writing posts that provide information that I enjoy. I hate the spammy “guest bloggers” out there as much as anyone because their nonsense reflects poorly on the rest of us. There are also great sites that stopped taking guest posts because they got irritated with all the spammy submissions they got. I wish they didn’t have to ruin things for everyone else!

      • #mashable Wish I could write for there. Even TC stopped.

  • Hi John,

    First of all guest blogging is not for getting do-follow links that passes link juice to spammy site that rank well, its all about providing quality informations to the readers.

    To avoid risks in 2014, we should No-Follow the links on the guest posts always accept quality guest posts.

    • @Matthew, Many people are still trying to guest post for links! I think it’s more then that. Would you accept a guest post from someone who had scammed people online…even if it was the most amazing post in the World? What about someone who was convicted of a serious crime? I think it goes much beyond no-follow links. Cutts clarified that years ago. This goes into reputation of guest posters and quality of them as people.

  • I am agree with Matt Cutts, most of bloggers are offer low quality content and spun content to get more links. Basically, guest blogging is a way where blogger achieve high quality links for their high quality content.
    I think this news is alert for those type of bloggers who are spread spam through guest blogging.

    • Agreed!

    • I appreciate the thoughts Yeasmin and mostly agree. There are a ton of low quality guest bloggers out there. However, what about those that provide quality guest posts? I don’t see anything wrong with getting exposure for guest blogging if you are also providing valuable information that the blogger and their readers appreciate. The focus should be on removing the spam from guest blogging. No sense throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

  • Gaurav Bali

    Definitely, there should be some security check for guest content. Otherwise, Guest posting is a pure form of SEO (if not spammy) . Its worthless if we are doing guest posting just for promoting others blog rather than getting Links in return. It is the best way to promote our brand into real-time market.

    • Very true, there needs to be rules to guest posting. Hard thing is, enforcing those when so many people are trying to scam.

  • Remember Interflora case? People should change their view about guest blogging and advertorials after this.
    It is better to focus on increasing exposure and appearance – not on links.

    • Agreed, I think tons of people discredit the exposure/community aspect and ONLY focus on the links…sad.

  • I am bit skeptical. So is it not worthy to have a link in a guest post? So how to drive traffic to your website from guest blogging? Or Shall we just name the website in the post with or without link. Can somebody explain ?

    • He’s not saying that at all. He’s more stating that having a link in there ONLY for SEO purposes is not going to help you. Having a link in there for traffic/community/helping will always be good!

  • Let’s not start another ‘back link’ debacle – everyone running around , desperate to remove all the spammy back links they’ve thrown up across the web just because the Google algorithm’s had another hot flush!
    If I want to write a guest post for someone, I bloody well will, and, what’s more I’ll give myself a nice link.
    In fact, right now, I’m going to ask Matt Cutts if he fancies me writing him a nice post called ‘Why Google administrators should take a holiday’.

    • I have always believe no one single SEO strategy is wrong or bad. It all depends on how it is being approached.

      To guest blogging, If I see a community I love and related with and I can share one or two insights in the form of a guest post, well not? I very well would go ahead and do so.

    • @david, I agree with you about back links… we shouldn’t run around with out heads cut off about this. He’s not saying to never put up guest posts… but putting up guest posts for the sole purpose of gaining links and SEO value isn’t going to help you.

      Write guest posts cause it helps people out… don’t expect links or write posts just for links!

  • Really it’s not a good idea to go on Guest blogging very frequently. We may use this method in promoting brand name instead of gaining links only so be aware of that. It may harm your reputation or rankings if you are still sharing cheap contents to gain link juice.

    • I wouldn’t say that guest blogging frequently is a bad thing as it can be a very good thing to attract new audiences and gain authority in your community. I do think that guest blogging for links is bad in any frequency.

      I personally guest blog A LOT. Like 1-3 times a day on many very high profile and lower profile blogs. I don’t do it for links at all. I do it to help my community and audience. It’s all about what your goal is. Cutts is going after the people that do it for the sole purpose of gaining links.

  • Hellooooo!!!! This video is really old, it was posted in 2012!!! So what’s new??

    • Exactly, he’s been saying this for years! I don’t think some people still get it!

  • I think the article speaks volumes personally. I too get hundreds of spammy emails for guest posts and, I never thought I’d do this, but I reject them. If your grammar is poor throughout the email (which you’re trying to get on my side with) and it’s littered with spelling errors then I’m not willing to proofread it and post it.

    The internet is there for useful information. In my opinion as long as you’re writing useful information and putting it in the right places then you have nothing to worry about.

    What’s important with this article is the foresight it gives you. Google are looking to crack down on BS and I’m with them. Guest blogging is hard when you’re doing it properly and these emails like the one in the article are getting better at tricking us although, you can observe that it could go out to hundreds and thousands of sites without any changes. For these companies throwing mass emails grabbing loads of guest posts and linking out to websites it will certainly harm them. I can’t imagine their content to be thought provoking or new and creative.

    To note, I don’t get many spam mails from the UK (where I live) or USA. It seems to be other countries which tend to offer SEO to me even though I’m an SEO company. For me, they’re ruining things for themselves and people from their country because I have little time for them now.

    I also run a food blogging site which is becoming extremely popular because its sole purpose is to showcase new recipes and articles from food bloggers with a link to their blog. We are selective when posting peoples work but, it’s good quality content and we’ll stay that way.

  • Now day mostly people are doing guest posting just for promoting others blog rather than getting Links in return. It is way to promote our Brand & Products into real-time market and all are do this.

    • I would say…. guest post to promote amazing content. People follow amazing content to Brands and Products. For example, one company that I think does a great job of this is Houzz. They started their company (which is pretty cool) by putting up amazing content with the best pictures in the World. They attract millions of people each month because of this. Another company is Buzzfeed. They aren’t that old but put up amazing content that millions of people read each month!

  • here we go again. Now, people will come up with their own strategy saying that guest blogging is not necessarily bad and blah blah blah .. because they know they have to set their SEO strategy and send link report at the end of the day 😛

    • Guest blogging isn’t bad, guest blogging for links is bad. I think SEO’s need to start creating real amazing work.
      SEO’s need to start selling real work that doesn’t include a link report but more so a traffic and interaction report. It’s interactions that’ll help grow your business. We have to show our clients what matters the most!

  • Guest blogging with spam content is not working any more..

    • Honestly, I’m not sure it every worked. If people ever read that content, it would damage the persons perception and kill what you had going.

  • If you look at the reasons behind why you would genuinely want to guest post, it falls more under social marketing! I wrote a guest post (the irony) on this the other day at which essentially outlined that you should guest post to get infront of new audiences and NOT a link (I even no-followed the link to prove a point).

    • Haha, love the no-follow link in there. You are 100% right on guest blogging. Guest blogging IS a great idea if you’re using it in the right way.

      • It always has been and it always will be but marketers need to understand that a link back to your site is a secondary benefit of guest blogging. Google will surely never penalise and continue to reward sites sharing great content externally.

        The problem is, for many, guest blogging has become the current article spinning!

      • Sad but true… article spinning should have never happened!

  • Well Matt Cutt is right and this is defiantly alert for all of us. If he is warning us then we should listen to him because as a blogger we are dependent on Google and we need to follow the rules.

    • Agreed! Just put up amazing content and you’ll never have to be worried!

  • Jim

    John you are right and your tips are really valuable for the future of quality guest posting done for reaching new audiences and not for backlinks.

    Matt’s announcement regarding the end of guest posting was for marketing agencies that bribe bloggers with money and low quality content to publish articles for their customers.

    In a comment he agrees this practices were widely used and Google wants to put a stop to it and also warn bloggers about practices like this investigation confirms:

    “Amused to read that Paul GRobberts/Estcott/Scott/Vichi/ is such an expert and covers so many diverse topics like guest post, seo, banks, insurance, pest control and hmm.. dildos I continue my research:”

    So this is about this serial guest posting companies and not about genuine bloggers which share quality content becoming an authority in their niche.

  • Probably the best way to come across to Google that you guest blogging not for SEO purposes it to use nofollow links. No one can really argue with that then.

    • He explained it VERY clearly! Now nobody can argue

  • It’s about time Cutts addressed the situation. There are too many people out there ruining a good opportunity for everyone else who follows the rules. It will be interesting to see how this cuts back on all of the spam / guest posting opportunities we see on our sites. Though I’m sure it will continue at a heavy rate as the sites buying these links aren’t necessary in tune with the latest news in SEO and how it works.

  • In upcoming news: “Matt Cutts hates guest blog posts that mention baby powder or mixed vegetables because they taste horrible”
    Just kidding

    I understand that there are many annoyances in life such as people asking to guest post, but some people are just doing their jobs. I don’t think the number of guest post requests will go down after this article or even after the Great Search Lord Matt Cutts strikes it down. Can’t we just all get along?

    All Hail Great Search Lord Matt Cutts

    • I’d have to disagree with you on the All Hail Matt! Matt is just trying to get rid of all the SEO’s that are doing crappy work. This really isn’t anything new, it’s more a reminder.

      I think the “all just get along” would have been avoided had people just put up amazing work. It’s people that put up spun/crappy content..

  • Probably long overdue. Just like any other tactic, SEO’s look for a way to automate and scale things.

    I would still guest blog with Workado though because my goal would be to get placement in front of our potential users, not with a goal of links/rank improvements. It all comes down to what the end in mind is I suppose.

    • I think it all comes down to quality and putting up content that people want. A crappy guest post doesn’t help anyone. The link to a random site even less!

      Keep blogging and putting up amazing content. That will never be hurt. That’ll NEVER change

  • James Halloran

    I still don’t understand why Matt Cutts made such a blatant comment about guest blogging yesterday thinking people wouldn’t get defensive. I mean, his language was quite clear that he was attacking all of it. Sounds like he’s just frustrated cause there’s no easy algorithm they can put in place that’ll automatically penalize the right sites guilty of performing such poor link-building strategies.

    • I think he just had to come out and say “Stop doing this or you’ll get penalized.” He set a firm rule. Don’t do this. He also clarified that it’s not a bad thing to guest post, but if the sole reason for you doing it is a link… better watch out!

  • JB

    I love how he’s pretending that the e-mail is offering money when it CLEARLY isn’t. “Suitable contribution” was referring entirely to the article, not an exchange of money. That, of course, is not against Google’s guidelines, so long as his link doesn’t have “keyword rich anchor text” and he’s not doing this “at a large scale,” whatever that means. Kind of funny that he’s launching this FUD campaign on a semantic misinterpretation.

    • I think you may be missing the bigger point here….

  • I agree with each and every conclusions made on this blog. It is really very informative. Thanks for sharing.

  • Here Matt gave a full stop to the spammy content provider, which I think must needed.
    But Matt didn’t stopped to all guest posts, He said that “A high-quality guest post with Nofollowed links can still be a good way to get exposure to a new audience, branding, etc.”

    • I don’t think it’s a stop, but it’s a good reminder to stop!

  • I always wonder if there is a difference between googles algorithims for English language and others. A lot of others gramma is much more comlex and so I guess its harder for the algorithm to understand.

    What maybe makes it harder to identify the crab. Does somebody have information about that?

    • I personally think that it’s a lot stronger in English considering they are founded and based in an English speaking nation… I think other languages come after (get slapped) but it takes time. I think they make their algorithim perfect in English, then push to other languages.

      • Yes, I agree with your thoughts. But I also wonder how succesfull their adapted changes to the algorithm are in other languages… I mean regarding semantic, gramma and so on…

      • I think they’ll adapt. They have teams of engineers in every language. They also have offices in MANY countries from around the World.

  • Thanks for sharing the post by Matt along with your take on it.
    Guest blogging is a great way to build partnerships,
    help the community, and get your personal brand out there.

    Some people seem to lack common sense when they start spamming and expect long term results.. It blows my mind, because some people still teach this stuff and promote their automation tools as the holy grail.

    The classic “wolf in sheep’s clothing”

    While consulting with different business owners, it’s clear that we need to repeat the obvious over and over again… Matt did it in 2012, he’s doing it again in 2014… and it is because we have spammers… we have marketers who choose to add value… and then we have people who don’t know where to stand… The last group is the most vulnerable to this kind of behavior.

    Their innocence makes them prey to the shady stuff that is still out there, and without someone saying “no, that’s a bad idea” they could be lost for a long time…

    • I think it starts with US as SEO’s. We have to communicate this and let people know that doing it just for SEO doesn’t work.

  • Arthur

    This sticks in the back of the throat somewhat if you work in SEO.

    If you’re writing 700-1000 word articles, well written (trained journalist level) and informative on that subject matter, then what is the issue if you find that article a good home and it happens to include a link?

    If I write a random blog post about the cheapest places to buy Man U tickets to help others save money, and I link to a website that sells them at a good price which I have used before, will that website then get punished for what Google could perceive to be a spammy link?

    If you’re allowing your articles to be published on (example) then fair enough, but on news websites etc then if your content is good enough, a link is just rewards (so long as it’s in context, not obvious and not exact match anchor text etc).

    What does everyone else think?

    By the way, Google need to stop forcing the use of Google+…I’d rather go back to using Piczo and Bebo.

    • I don’t think he’s going after SEO’s. The majority of people reading this blog are doing good work and putting up good Guest Posts and content. Linking to good places will never get hurt. It’s all about quality and credibility behind the article. Matt confirms this, as you can see at the bottom of the update!

      Yes they need to not cram G+ in our face, but it’s their product so I don’t think that will ever change.

      • Arthur

        Very true!

  • at last the spam on google should be stop as there is a great spamming going on different blogs on the name of “guest posting”

  • at last the spam on google should be stop as there is a great spamming going on different blogs on the name of “guest posting”.

    • Too much spam! I agree with what Google is coming out and doing. They are giving clear guidelines on what not to do… I think they had to clearly spell out “What guest posting is ok and what guest posting is not”.

  • John, Matt is seriously angry on guest posting spam and there will be sooner a Google update is coming on guest posting sites. you better make sure SEJ is free of spam 🙂 just kidding.

    Anyhow guest bloggers were really misusing this technique and involved in paid linking and other spam too. We should use guest posting for branding and exposure purposes not for link building.

    I accept that we should only use industry top blogs like SEJ, SEL, SEW, Social Media Examiner, Moz, etc for SEO industry.

    • Lol, we’re doing our best. We’ve upped our game here and trying to do this more each day. All of those publications are great ones… not the only good ones but some of the good ones!

      • no doubt at here (SEJ), there are brilliant articles and this is one of the top platforms to learn how to do ethical, spam-free and proper guest posting for branding, exposure and relationship purposes rather than services/products promotions and link building purposes.

        Thumbs up for your work John as you guys are really doing the best and hope you gonna entertain the SEO industry likewise in future.

      • Thanks Syed, workin hard at it. The whole team behind SEJ is amazing!

  • Just lastnight I’d been contacted by several individuals wanting to write a guest post on my blog for link exchange. I’ve never had anyone wanting to do this before. I did a Google search of the individuals name (which was fake by the way) and he came up on a website promoting guest blog tactics out of India with a fake Gravatar. Amazing! Needless to say I’ve always been careful to whom I share my links with from my blog. I’m assuming they start hitting you up for guest blog post when your blog starts to gain a little popularity. At least this is the way it’s been happening to me.
    Thanks for share

    • Sadly I don’t think this will stop… for a long time, if ever. I’m all about Guest Posting still. But I’ve never gone after guest posting for SEO links. Heck, a lot of my posts don’t even include a link.

      Yes, tons of people hitting us up for guest posts. Which we still accept and live off of. But we have cracked down on only accepting the best!

  • Ramesh Singh

    I believe guest blogging these days used for many purpose some do it for sharing their experiences, some uses it for branding and awareness and some do it for just to gain link advantage, and most of the cases these are spammy and no real value to the user.

    Matt is trying to warn those who use this method just for link building. Google wants quality content and for this they kept on changing algorithm to filter sites who trying to trick and violates Google guidelines.

    And now I think it will become more difficult to small website owners who genuinely wanted to do guest post because now blog owners won’t be feeling comfortable to allow some random person to do a post on his/her blog.

    • This is true, I think it will scare a lot of blog owners… but they really shouldn’t be scared. If the post is amazing there is no reason why they shouldn’t accept it (well, except if the person is not trusted). Quality will always trump things though.

      Matt Cutts on guest blogging isn’t telling you to stop putting up good content. But more so to stop putting up crap. I think this is more for lazy SEO’s then business owners.

  • I’m not saying you may as well strip all the connections out of your guest posts. I don’t accept that Google can really differentiate between guest posts and different sorts of substance, so it has no real way to algorithmically debase connections inserted in guest posts.

    • There is no way Google can differentiate between an amazing piece of content from someone at your company and a guest post. It can however differentiate between horrible content that nobody clicks on or has a 100% bounce rate and content that’s amazing… it knows just like you and I know!

  • Unless you’re a beginner, spotting a spam ridden, spun article from a potential guest blogger is pretty easy. Surely Cutt’s statement is pinpointing the importance of Google Authorship and G+ usage. I fully support Google’s desire to get rid of the endless spam. You can spot a spun article straight off – hopefully it will promote inventive work. Plus, far fewer less spammy e-mails.

    I don’t think anyone will stop guest posting, it’s just more important than ever to produce brilliant, unique articles and be a reliable source. So, be on Google+ and be yourself online. Nothing spun, nothing spammy. Regular contributor spots seem to be absolutely vital now, and even more difficult to get than ever. Still, if you rely on your interests and expertise this shouldn’t be much of an issue. It hit Panic Button at first glance, but there’s plenty of reasons to still write articles.

    A great article, cheers!

    • I actually don’t think it has anything to do with Authorship (though I think that helps). It more has to do with crappy content that nobody cares about. Even a beginner can spot bad content.

      No need to hit the panic button if you’re putting up quality work!

  • John,

    Did Cutts make the addendum and change his title before or after he read your comments here? 😎

    There is always a place for high-quality content. It would be incredibly naive to think that only the owner of a blog can come up with such content. We depend on one another for stimulation and to take us to a higher level. In academia we depend on one another’s research to raise each other up. Web site owners are no different.

    When we allow/recruit guest bloggers, we are giving credit where due. Cutts is no fool. What he wants is for spammers and scammers to run. Anybody who became frightened by his YT should be frightened. And should run.

    In that way the rest of us can go about business as usual, sharing good content and lifting one another up.

    My two cents. Change, please? 😎


    • I think all us honest SEO’s want spammers and scammers to run…. it would make my job a lot easier!

  • I think this paints too broad of a stroke.

    Sure, you shouldn’t be accepting random posts from people only looking for followed links: but that was never a legit tactic.

    Perhaps the act of guest blogging doesn’t need to go away: only the phrasing. For example, maybe we should think of guest blogging as a method for ONLY public relations, not for links.

    – Vajresh

    • I think he clearly states that. Guest blogging isn’t bad at all. Guest blogging for the sole purpose of getting links IS bad. I do a lot of guest blogging, but I don’t do it for links. I do it for exposure and community.

  • Hi John,
    I think it’s good move, but I’m not sure how Google can track low quality guest-posts! Matt is trying to slow down the spammers!
    SEO companies are just spamming the web by guest blogging! Even I’m receiving some guest blogging requests on my PR 1 blog!

    • I’m sure they can track low quality guest posting. Lower quality will be written poorly, have bad grammatical errors and not be written well. Not to mention Google Analytics is installed on majority of websites out there so they’ll know if people spend time there or not. They’ll also see user behavior on posts. If a person goes to a post and leaves 5 seconds later it’s typically not what they were looking for. If enough people do it, Google will know!

  • I do not think so, that can be right, take comments on blog and compare comments and guest blogging what is more spammy? Maybe is more spammy guest blog post with a lot of comments but but generally the comments are those with full of spam links.

    • Google already devalued blog comments a while back didn’t they?

  • anders

    A stupid question.
    How do Google see if it is a guest article ?
    If I want an article up on a blog I send the article to the webmaster of the blog and they put it up like it was them how wrote the article.

    • I don’t think he’s just talking about guest articles. I think it more has to do with the quality behind the content. But that brings up a good question when a lot of webmasters publish all content under Admin. I know they look at quality.

      That’s also why Cutts put in there “be careful who you put on your website because that’s now associating you with them” type of a statement!

  • OMG People!!!!

    Take a chill pill…
    This is a desperate announcement from our love-to-hate-google-boss Matt Cuts.
    As one other commenter already mentioned, Google’s algorithm is flawed and cannot know the difference between a quality guest post and a shitty one…. Hence the MANUAL takedown of Interflora.

    I understand that it’s a game of cat and mouse, but people forget that Google isn’t human. It’s a computer algo, that ranks based on rules, and rules are meant to be broken….

    • I disagree. I don’t think rules are meant to be broken. Cheaters almost always get caught with time. Yes they do have manual takedowns but most of the time that’s not the case. I really wish everyone out there just put up amazing content and didn’t try to cheat the system. You’ll get caught eventually.

  • We really need to start with the definition of “great” content because I don’t think people truly understand what that means. The mistake that people make is assuming that well-written articles will be considered great content. The web is a cesspool of empty, worthless, yet well-written 500 word articles.

    Great content starts with creative, engaging ideas, in-depth research, unique view points and opinions. In my opinion, some of the very best content out there isn’t grammatically perfect. Great content obviously should be well written, grammatically correct with proper sentence structure, etc. Great content starts by getting brutally honest and asking one simple question:

    Will this piece of content make the Web a better place?

    If the answer is yes, I don’t give a shite about what Matt Cutts thinks. No offense intended.

    • I agree with that. I also think Cutts agrees with you. Any piece of content (no matter where it is) if it’s good and making the web a better place will always rank and help people out.

      It’s more people that are trying to game the system and put up crappy content just to rank better in Google. Those over time will all be deranked.

  • Dan Stratford

    Not sure that there was much guest blog posting before Google. Did we have blogs back in the 90s? Wait-just “Googled” it. According to Wikipedia guest blogging started in 1997-at least that when the phrase was coined. Many different sites were blog “ish” as early as 1994, and you could go back to 1983 for precursors! So “yes” to blogging before Google, but by just about a year give or take.

    • I think we just called it something different! Us SEO’s have come up with some fun titles!

  • Chirs

    Yeah I think Matt Cutts is just trying to say “STOP USING TACTICS”… and start using thought-out strategies. Strategies that will add value to users and only acquire or better yet, earn links that make sense to the user. When someone clicks a link it should be giving them something of value… not just a sales pitch.

    First and foremost don’t do it just for the links/pagerank. Do it for the referral traffic.

    • Pagerank is dead! hahah. It’s always been about strategy. It’s finally catching up to companies that didn’t do that!

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