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Mary Davies Wins Search Engine Journal Community Award

Mary Davies Wins Search Engine Journal Community Award

Pictured above: Search Engine Journal Executive Editor Danny Goodwin; Search Engine Journal Community Award Winner Mary Davies; Search Engine Journal Managing Partner Brent Csutoras; and Search Engine Journal CEO Jenise Henrikson.

Mary Davies, president of Beanstalk Internet Marketing, is the first recipient of the Search Engine Journal Community Award.

Mary received the award last week during the Pubcon Pro conference in Las Vegas.

We honored Mary in recognition for all her hard work and contributions to Search Engine Journal over the past year – specifically for her work co-managing the weekly Friday Focus column, which we launched this year.

Throughout the year, Mary has generously devoted her free time and put her seemingly tireless energy into this column.

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She has provided great guidance to all of our authors and has been instrumental in making sure we have a constant stream of high-quality articles every week.

Mary also authored these four Friday Focus pieces this year:

While we recognize that Friday Focus isn’t for everybody who visits Search Engine Journal, we consider Friday Focus to be an extremely important column for our industry.

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After all, if we have helped even one person in our industry with Friday Focus, all the effort was worth it.

(That said, however, the feedback we have received since this column launched has been overwhelmingly positive, so we thank you all for reading!)

Since Friday Focus launched, dozens of authors have bravely shared their tales of struggles that go beyond the work of SEO and digital marketing.

Our writers have openly talked about mental illness, depression and anxiety, grief, and other important topics.

There have been so many tragedies in our industry in recent years. The idea behind launching this column was to bring all of our struggles into the light – so that our fears and challenges could be shared and (hopefully) overcome. Together.

Because, ultimately, we don’t want anybody to feel alone or hopeless. There is always hope!

This industry is at its best when we help lift each other up and support each other. I hope we continue to see more of that in the future and that we continue to have these important conversations around self-care.

With her contributions to Friday Focus, we feel that Mary has helped our industry. A lot.

Please join us in congratulating Mary!

We all love you, Mary! Thanks for all that you do for the search community!

And be sure to check out today’s Friday Focus – publishing one hour from now.

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Featured Image Credit: Dave Davies


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