Marketers Redirect Your Strategy: 4 Areas of Focus for Optimizing Your SEO Traffic

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Marketers Redirect Your Strategy: 4 Areas of Focus for Optimizing Your SEO Traffic

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We’re about to complete the first quarter and businesses in every industry are starting to evaluate the results of their Q1 spend. Is your SEO investment drawing website traffic, converting sales, and luring customers into coming back for more? As you look to optimize your investment in SEO for the rest of the year, make sure to keep these four areas of focus top of mind.

1. Keep up With the Flux in Search Engine Algorithms

Google rang in 2016 with another change to its core ranking algorithm, creating confusion around sudden ranking changes and making it clear: changes to the algorithms are consistent, the code is designed not to be manipulated, and website rankings will be affected.

Webmasters looking to crack the search engine code may never know the mysteries surrounding the algorithms and certainly can’t keep up with the updates. MOZ’s Google Algorithm Change History reports a change in the Google algorithm twenty times in 24 months.

Businesses who don’t expect their website rankings to be affected by changes in the search engine algorithms need to stay on top of these ever occurring changes to keep optimization rates strong.

2.  A Strong Brand Equity can Come From SEO

Money successfully invested in SEO can deliver a powerful brand image. Companies who spend time, money, and resources in creating a solid perception of their business will draw traffic that converts to sales.

How do you do this? By delivering a strong, helpful, and valuable user experience on your website. Appeal to your audience by providing awesome products and services, offer content that is fresh and easy to read, create informative blog posts that are shareable and grab the attention of your readers, include case studies and white papers that show your value, and develop an effective navigation system that makes using your website easy and enjoyable.

If users find your brand exciting and dynamic and have a positive experience using your website, perception of your business will grow exponentially, and that will lead to high conversions — and more money in your pocket.

3.  A/B Test Your Website

Sale conversion rates hover around two percent, but the conversion rate for lead generation is generally over 10 percent, a much higher rate. Research by Wishpond listed average conversion rates for B2B landing pages at 13.3% and B2C at 9.9%. The proof is in the numbers. Focusing on A/B testing key conversion pages will help you accelerate your growth. If A/B testing is new to you, then it’s ok to start small. First, try testing different titles or images on your conversion pages and see where that leads you.

4 Areas of Focus for Optimizing Your SEO Traffic

4. Deliver an Improved Site Search Experience

In order to help your users easily navigate around your site, find what they are looking for quickly, and spend money on your business, you need to invest in a site search tool.

A site search tool will add benefit to even the most carefully designed website by enabling visitors to access the information they want by pressing in key terms. The content will then direct the user to find the information they need on their own, and give you valuable insight into what your customers are looking for.

The “intent data” derived from the site search tools allows you to customize your site toward an improved user experience, thereby increasing conversions, improving your rankings, and increasing your sales.


It’s not too late to ensure that your SEO strategy is attracting and keeping customers. Improve your online presence through the creation of a solid brand and user experience. By providing an exciting, easy to navigate website with dynamic content and a helpful site search engine, your visitors are more likely to purchase your products and services — and return for more.

4 Focus Areas to Optimize Your SEO Traffic

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