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Learn How to “Make Conversion Happen” From Benj Arriola: A #SEOSummit Recap

Benj Arriola shares his insights on how to make conversion happen with the help of SEO at SEO Summit last June 21st.

#SEOSummit Takeaways: “Making Conversion Happen” by Benj Arriola

SEJ’s Philippines team was privileged to attend last Saturday’s SEO Summit and meet the speakers. Among those speaking was the vice president for SEO at Internet Marketing Inc., Benj Arriola. He has been in the SEO field since 2004, and is also the man behind

Here’s a few key takeaways from his presentation.

User Intent and Your SEO Strategy

Benj originally talked about his journey from doing Black Hat to White Hat SEO during the event, but he started his session by giving an overview of Search Engine Optimization and its importance. He states:

“SEO is making sure that conversion happens”.

How can a brand make conversions happen through SEO? By putting user intent into consideration.

The Three Types of Internet Users

There are three categories of Internet users based on intent: Ready to Buy, Needs Information, and Needs Convincing. When doing SEO, it is very important to put these three user intent into consideration because this will determine what strategy you should use.

Ready to Buy Users

Ready to Buy users are those who don’t need convincing or to read more information about a particular product. What they need is a page where they can just buy the product they want to purchase.

#SEOSummit Takeaways: “Making Conversion Happen” by Benj Arriola

If you’re a business owner who sells products online, immediate transaction between you and your buyer can happen if you place an ad copy on search engines. With the help of PPC and conversion rate optimization, your ad will appear when a user types in a relevant keyword.

However, it won’t be effective if you can’t bring your customer to the proper page. That’s why it is important that your ad copy redirects the user to your Order Page, where he or she can just click the “Buy Now” or “Add to Cart” button, add the necessary information, and wait for his or her purchase to be delivered.

These types of buyers do not need prodding, they need quick and easy access to make a purchase.

Needs Information Users

Users who need information are those who would like to know more about features or tech specifications. If you’re a business owner, you need a page that will lead a user to conversion.

#SEOSummit Takeaways: “Making Conversion Happen” by Benj Arriola

This is where the creatives come in. The role of these pages is to create content that discusses your product’s unique selling proposition, product comparison, demo, or promo that is available for a limited time, which will eventually lead them to convert.

How would you know whether your information page is effective?

Check and study your analytics. Your stats will tell you whether users who visit a particular product page on your website go through the entire conversion funnel to make a purchase.

Needs Convincing Users

From the word itself, users who need convincing are in search for the best product out there. Your job as a business owner is to convince your target buyers why they should check out and purchase what you have to offer.

It answers the question: Why should I buy your product?

#SEOSummit Takeaways: “Making Conversion Happen” by Benj Arriola

Convincing a target buyer is possible with the help of Content Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Your content must introduce your product to your audience without being salesy, while social media will make it shareable across the Web.

Therefore, you need to create a content that is so compelling, it won’t just convince Internet users to check out your product, but also urge them to share your content through social media channels. That way, you can showcase your products and services while leveraging your brand on the Internet.


More than knowing what SEO is, Benj’s discussion at SEO Summit taught me that—cliché as it may sound—we should always keep users and our target buyers in mind. Hence, we should always remind ourselves that we do online marketing because we want to expand our reach and connect our brand to more people.


Author’s Note: The words “Ready to Buy”, “Needs Information”, and “Needs Convincing” are by the author and not exactly from Benj Arriola. It was only written as such based on the author’s understanding, and for easier illustration.

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Featured Image: Photo taken by Paulo Bobita for SEJ
All screenshots taken June 2014

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Learn How to “Make Conversion Happen” From Benj Arriola: A #SEOSummit Recap

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