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MajesticSEO Launches Backlink Upload Tool

Majestic SEO has added more tools to the SEO’s bag of tricks. Paid account users now have the option to upload their backlink list in bulk via CSV or TXT files. When visiting the Bulk Backlinks Tool within Majestic, SEOs will find a new tab marked “upload file.”

To be sure that paid users don’t exceed their monthly usage, the tool will quickly determine how many lines of data have been submitted for analysis and the approximate percentage of remaining usage allowance it will take to run the file. Once the backlinks have been analyzed, a spreadsheet will be ready for download.

The backlink report will include the following information:

  • Item: The original link itself
  • Status: If known for sure, it will be marked “found.” If it is valid but not yet in the index, it will be marked as May Exist.
  • External Backlinks: The number of back links found for that URL
  • External Backlinks GOV: The number of Government back links found for this URL
  • External Backlinks EDU: The number of Educational back links found for this URL
  • Referring Domains: The total number of DOMAINS linking to this URL (So this number must be less than or equal to “External Backlinks”)
  • Referring Domains GOV: The total number of Government DOMAINS linking to this URL (So this number must be less than or equal to “External Backlinks GOV”)
  • Referring Domains EDU: The total number of Educational DOMAINS linking to this URL (So this number must be less than or equal to “External Backlinks EDU”)
  • IP Addresses: One IP number could technically have many links from many domains, as many sites can exist on one IP number, but they are likely controlled by the same owner.
  • Class C Subnets: One Class C can contain many IP numbers, but they are likely controlled by the same Internet Service Provider, hosting company or data center
  • Citation Flow: The strength of link equity to the URL (from 1-100)
  • Trust Flow: The Trustworthiness of the links into the URL (from 1-100)

For more information on the new bulk backlink upload and a step-by-step walkthrough, visit the Majestic SEO blog.

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MajesticSEO Launches Backlink Upload Tool

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