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Majestic SEO Offers Massive Freebie

Majestic SEO Offers Massive Freebie

In the early morning hours here in the United States, Majestic SEO posted a major announcement on its blog.  The UK-based SEO firm has spent years mapping links between websites, and its index is the largest Link Intelligence map in the world. Now, Majestic SEO is offering the Majestic Million CSV free to anyone interested in downloading the massive file.

Majestic MillionThe Majestic Million is a list of the top one million global websites updated on a daily basis. The company has decided that this massive gold mine of data was just too good to keep behind closed doors. Its hope is that programmers worldwide will use the resource in totally new and innovative ways.

Majestic does caution, that before you click download on this truly huge file, that you visit its Web implementation page and play with it first.  As mentioned in the blog post, “a CSV file with a million lines is not something you want to download on a whim.” Once you’ve taken the test drive, you are welcome to tap into the knowledge wealth on the Majestic Download page.
Image Credit: Shutterstock /Bertold Werkmann
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Majestic SEO Offers Massive Freebie

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