Looking for Leads? 11 Ways to Leverage Social Media

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Looking for Leads? 11 Ways to Leverage Social Media

When you’re pressed for time, trying to generate solid leads can seem like a nightmare. That’s where social media, with its ability to connect you with just about anyone, can be a great help. But how do you leverage this wide-ranging resource?

To find out, we asked 11 YEC entrepreneurs how they’ve successfully used social media to generate leads in a short time frame.

Incorporate a Non-Aggressive Sale

Rob FultonI try to incorporate synchronicity between my social media platforms at all times. This includes linking people on Twitter to my Pinterest, then to my Facebook, then to my blog, etc. On all of these pages I have a “Contact Me” section done up in a special graphic. It’s non-aggressive, but shows that the door is always open for their feedback or engagement.

– Rob FultonExponential Black

Become a Consistent Expert

Kyle ClaytonWhen I first started using social media, I increased business 49 percent in the first year. I became an expert in green cleaning and shared my simple tips. I created my own hashtag and was consistent in providing info. Then I followed key people in PR, news and the community. I started chatting with them and it spread the word. Over that year people asked questions and referred my business to others.

– Kyle ClaytonBetter Creative

Use Twitter Cards

We used p

kelsey Meyeraid Twitter lead gen cards. The call to action was to setup a consultation with our team to learn more about content marketing. We had dozens of click-throughs and were able to connect with the people directly to their email addresses simply from them clicking on the Twitter card.

– Kelsey MeyerInfluence & Co.

Maximize Content Through GaggleAMP

Justin GraySocial is a way for us to widen our content reach. Every piece of content we develop goes out over our “gaggle” (GaggleAMP is a great tool). We grow our gaggle through email marketing and then release new content to the gaggle, which then auto-shares it through the gaggle members. We score all of our content consumption so those behaviors lead to actual leads.

– Justin GrayLeadMD

Join Hashtag Conversations

Adam StillmanAlways think of your vertical as a community. In that community there are often “town-hall” meetings, in which people discuss important trends and topics in an industry through a hashtag. This is normally led by industry publishers. Take part in these, or even observe as a lurker. Reach out to those participants based on a comment they contributed and begin a conversation from there.

– Adam StillmanSparkReel

Ask the Right Questions

A frieJoshua Leend is getting huge engagement that leads to sales by asking, “How do you feel I could impact your life or help you?” and having 50 or more answers flood in. The philosophy behind it is key. Social media isn’t a digital broadcasting version of TV or radio. It’s meant to solicit a one-on-one conversation, like a public speaker posing a question then telling people to chat with her directly.

– Joshua Lee, StandOut Authority

Publish and Share Valuable Content

Brock StechmanWe try to create content that is useful and offers tons of value for our audience. Our team created a step-by-step infographic on how to promote your blog post once it’s been published and promoted it on all of our social channels. It quickly went viral and generated a lot ofleads because it provided valuable information that was easy to understand.

– Brock StechmanDivvyHQ

Host a Flash Sale

Firas KittanehWe randomize timing for when we host a flash sale on social. That way, we keep customers guessing but also encourage them to purchase since there’s a sense of urgency. With time-sensitive flash sales, we can generate dozens of quality leads in just hours. Best of all, since they’re not your typical Gilt or Hautelook shopper, you’ll be able to convince them to pay full-price at a later point.

– Firas KittanehAmerisleep

Mine Relevant LinkedIn Groups

Brian HonigmanVisit LinkedIn groups where your ideal customer is and answer their questions. Publicly answer a few questions posted in these groups where you can provide your expertise based on the services or product you offer. Then follow up privately as well using the “Reply Privately” button to let them know that you’re available to discuss more. This helped me generate leads in the early days of my business.

– Brian

Try Paid Advertising on LinkedIn

Brett FarmiloeThe sophistication of ad platforms on social media sites enables you to reach just about anyone. Linkedin might be the best for B2B leadsin a short timeframe because of their ability to target around accurate work information (i.e., job title, company). Linkedin also has an easy-to-implement feature that allows you to collect email addresses for interested potential leads. Expensive, but effective.

– Brett FarmiloeMarkitors

Direct Paid Advertising to an A/B Tested Landing Page

Stanley MeytinWe created a landing page for a contest we were running with basic information, a call to action and a contact form. We then ran Facebook Ads targeting our specific audience and linking to our landing page. Throughout the process we A/B tested the landing page for best results. This led to a large number of solid leads in a very short time frame that we were able to grow an email list out of.

– Stanley MeytinTrue Film Production


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