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  3. SEO New Local Search Engine Launches New Local Search Engine Launches, the name says it all, has finally launched after months of anticipation by those Internet users like myself who had stumbled upon their site after typing in the domain name, assuming that some sort of local search engine existed at the URL. Well ladies and gentlemen, now is live with its local search offering. is powered by Interchange Corp’s Keyword DNA(TM) and local-web indexing technologies and is designed to serve as a powerful local-search engine that provides highly relevant search results (Interchange owns is the product of our extensive research and development efforts, and represents the next generation in local search,” said Heath Clarke, Interchange CEO. “Our team has combined two distinct technologies in new and unique ways in order to deliver to consumers a new standard in local search. represents the fusion of directory and the local web. We believe offers a much more consumer-friendly local-search experience than traditional directory sites, and we do it with current, more accurate and more complete content. This launch represents only the first step in our strategy of building to be a leader in local search. We have a long list of enhancements scheduled for our search algorithms and to the features we intend to incorporate into the experience. We hope to develop into a trusted name in local search by continuing to deliver superior results with a superior experience.”

Keyword DNA utilizes business characteristics such as location, service area, and business-specific keywords among other data to create a unique meta-profile for over 16 million U.S. local businesses. Interchange’s local-web index delivers relevant web listings for specific geographic areas. Some search results and core data info is also supplied by Acxiom Data Services while local targeted paid search advertising is handled via ePilot (this is probably going to be one of ePilot’s largest distribution channels as ePilot is also owned by Interchange). says that futureenhancements are planned to improve the local-search experience including availability via mobile devices, advanced mapping, and ratings and reviews for local businesses. For now, is entering a market cornered by Google, Yahoo, Verizon and even, however the local market is only budding. And, with a domain like and a unique local search offering, they should not have much problem positioning themselves in this vertical market.

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