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Local Search Traffic Estimator Tool from TrueLocal

Local Search Traffic Estimator Tool from TrueLocal

TrueLocal has launched their Local Traffic Estimator, a tool that aggregates and shows users local traffic statistics on TrueLocal.

In a similar fashion to those doing keyword research on Yahoo Search Marketing or Google, potential advertisers can now take their research down to the local level by typing in a zip code and a search term and receive information about TrueLocal traffic from the previous month.

Although TrueLocal numbers may be smaller than most other search engines, the ability to track search term popularity by zip code adds a new step in pinpoint search query measurement and search populariy and market share ratios can be added into the mix to estimate the amount of searches on the larger front. We may find TrueLocal’s Local Traffic Estimator to evolve into the WordTracker of the Local Search industry.

“Our Local Traffic Estimator Tool is the first designed specifically for local search,” states Jake Baillie, President of TrueLocal. “We want our advertisers, no matter how big or small, to maximize their ROI and this tool will allow them to see the best search categories and zip codes for their business.”

The estimator provides such information as map clicks, or listing views, in relation to the most popular categories and nearest zip codes to the searched term and location.

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Local Search Traffic Estimator Tool from TrueLocal

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