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Local Search Guide Backed By Yellow Pages Association, Kelsey Group, and SEMPO

Local Search Guide Backed By Yellow Pages Association, Kelsey Group, and SEMPO

Local Search Guide Backed By Yellow Pages Association, Kelsey Group, and SEMPO

With local search – providing online information on businesses located in a community – as the catalyst, Internet Yellow Pages and Search Engine companies are joining forces at a rapid rate. To provide a central resource that captures these developments, the Yellow Pages Association today launched the Local Search Guide, an objective micro site that serves as a frequently updated “Who’s Who” of the local search marketplace, complete with industry viewpoints, glossaries and other resources.

“The blending of local search technologies and the partnering of Internet Yellow Pages and Search Engines has created the need for an objective source of local search information,” said Neg Norton, president, Yellow Pages Association.

As a Supporting Partner, comScore Networks, a consumer research firm, is providing rankings of the Top 30 Internet Yellow Pages (IYPs) by IYP searches: “The Local Search Guide is a great reference for both the public and the industry,” said Jim Larrison, senior vice president, corporate development, comScore Networks. “comScore is providing key rankings of IYP providers because we believe that objective, third-party ratings are an important component of the industry’s continued growth.”

The launch of the Local Search Guide was announced at the SEMPO (Search Engine Marketing Professional Organization) membership meeting during Jupitermedia’s Search Engine Strategies conference, which is being held Dec. 13-16 in Chicago. “We are partnering with the Yellow Pages Association and understand the importance of local search in growing IYP and Search Engine consumer usage,” said Barbara Coll, president of SEMPO, a non-profit association working to promote the value of Search Engine marketing. Coll also welcomed Norton as a new member of the SEMPO Board of Advisors.

The Kelsey Group, a research consulting firm with local search analysis and measurement, is providing strategic direction and authoring a number of Viewpoint columns. “Since 1986, TKG has been tracking the impact of new technologies on the YP industry. Understanding the industry as it moves and changes is difficult and requires guidance; the Local Search Guide is an invaluable reference point,” said John Kelsey, president of The Kelsey Group.

The Local Search Guide features IYP and Search Engine sections with company profiles that detail corporate backgrounds, business/advertising products and partnerships. Each profile is developed using public information. The Local Search Guide also includes profiles of Search Tool companies, companies that provide products and services to enhance the search experience.
“Currently, the Local Search Guide profiles 10 Internet Yellow Pages, 20 Search Engines and 18 Search Tools. This number will grow as the Guide expands,” added Norton.

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Local Search Guide Backed By Yellow Pages Association, Kelsey Group, and SEMPO

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