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Live from SMX

Live from SMX

Live from the Search Marketing Expo (SMX), SEJ brings you the real time SMX Social Media Marketing two-day event. We’ll tweet and report all the key issues being discussed. From optimizing your social media programs, to managing paid campaigns, Las Vegas is the place to be.

For Day 1, I sat in on the Blow Me Away Blogging session and the Twitter Keynote.

Blow Me Away Blogging (#smx #14A)
For many, a blog is the hub of a company’s social media marketing efforts. But building a consistently high-quality blog is a challenge. How do you keep your blog updated with fresh and appealing content? Is there a way to get more comments and build a community of readers? Can you use your blog to generate leads and increase sales? This session will cover those questions and more with actionable ideas for new bloggers or those looking to make an existing blog even better.

Moderator: Matt McGee, Executive News Editor, Search Engine Land (@mattmcgee)

Q&A Moderator: Janet Stauble, Social Media Community Manager, Bankrate, Inc. (@bankratejanet)


Mike Arnesen, Senior SEO Analyst, SwellPath (@mike_arnesen)
Drew Conrad, Social Media Marketing Specialist, Zagg (@drewconrad)
Sarah Evans, Chief Evangelist, Tracky (@prsarahevans)
Jennifer Evans Cario, President, SugarSpun Marketing (@JenniferCario)

Keynote – Twitter Talks: How To Win Friends & Not Be Unfollowed By People (Or Worse) (#smx #1KEY)
It’s a proven fact: Twitter can be a huge driver of traffic to websites when tweets offer compelling reasons to click, and are virally retweeted to the ever-expanding Twitterverse. But remember: Twitter is opt-in, which means if you get even a little bit spammy people will un-follow you or not follow you in the first place. Come hear Del Harvey – @delbius – who leads Trust & Safety at Twitter cover the finer points of twitterquette and answer your questions about tapping into this important source of referrals.

Moderator: Danny Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Search Engine Land (@dannysullivan)

Speaker: Del Harvey, Director of Trust & Safety, Twitter (@delbius)


For Day 2 I’m covering SEO for Social Media Mangers, Measuring Success: From Reach to ROI, and the G+ Session.

SEO For Social Media Managers (#smx #21B)
Integrating your search and social media efforts can dramatically improve your marketing results and ROI. Learn how to effectively work with your SEO team to uncover new audience segments, grow your community through targeting keyword interests, use social media for effective link acquisition and authority building, and increase your visibility on social networks and organic search by leveraging Open Graph technology.

Moderator: Elisabeth Osmeloski, Managing Editor, Search Engine Land (@elisabethos)

Q&A Moderator: Janet Stauble, Social Media Community Manager, Bankrate, Inc. (@bankratejanet)


Mathew Guiver, Senior Digital Marketing Manager, RelayRides (@mathewguiver)
Sarah Lokitis, Social Media Manager, Search Mojo (@Lokitis)
Dave Rohrer, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario (@daver)
Travis Wright, Consumer Social Media, (@teedubya)

Measuring Success: From Reach To ROI (#smx #22A)
Everyone seems “certain” of social media’s value. But how do you prove it offers a return on investment, especially if you’re trying to persuade clients or management to invest marketing dollars? This session looks at social media analytics methods, how to measure “conversions” when there may be no tangible transactions, as well as tools available to measure ROI and performance.

Moderator: Chris Sherman, VP of Event Editorial, Third Door Media, Inc. (@CJSherman)

Q&A Moderator: Dave Rohrer, Senior SEO Strategist, Covario (@daver)


Nan Dawkins, Founder, CEO, Social Snap (@NDawkins_SC)
Ethan Dobson, Director of Online Marketing, Offerpop (@ethandobson)
Jon Morris, CEO, Rise Interactive (@JonBMorris)

Getting Ahead With Google+ (#smx #23A)
It’s been over a year since Google CEO Larry Page stated Google+ is the “new DNA” for all aspects of Google. Not yet convinced Google+ is worth the effort? This session is for you. We’ll examine the flexibility to connect with followers, features unique to Google+ that marketers should know about, and the overall impact the platform has on social search.

Moderator: Monica Wright, Social Media Editor, Search Engine Land and Marketing Land (@monicawright)

Q&A Moderator: Alan K’necht, President/Founder, K’nechtology Inc.


Adam Audette, President, RKG (@audette)
Bob Stanke, Director, Interactive Services, Minnesota Timberwolves (@bobstanke)
Mark Traphagen, Director of Social Media Marketing, Virante Inc. (@marktraphagen)


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Live from SMX

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