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Live Blogging at Affiliate Management Days: Affiliate Marketing

We are live at Affiliate Management Days in San Francisco.  We’re here live blogging on everything affiliate marketing.  If you’re here we’d love to meetup and connect!

Today were going to talk setting up affiliate programs.

Affiliate Program Signup Page

  • Make sure it’s professional
  • Describe all aspects of the affiliate program:  Describe everything there is to your program including commissions, and cookie duration.
  • Why should they join your program, sell them on this and let them know!

Give them the ammunition that they need to promote your program.  Give them an email to contact you.  Build trust.  Transparency builds trust.

Affiliate Nexus Tax

Make sure that your affiliates that driving traffic know if they are going to be taxed.  Be transparent about this and actually know this.  This will help you to stay one leg ahead of your affiliates and all their questions.

Be the expert.

Action Buttons

Make sure you have very clear call to actions on your signup page as well as on your site in general.  Have information how your affiliate program works on your affiliate signup page.  Translate the page with specific call to actions on the translated pages.


Make sure you have easy access to API’s for your developers.  This will allow them to easily grab your content.


Help them convert better.  Establish a community around everything that you’re doing.  You want them to easily convert.  To do this they may need a live chat or easy way to engage with your experts.

How to get people in your Aff Program? 

Many people ask about affiliate programs and how people find you.  Go and put up your aff program up on every affiliate marketing directory possible.  This is the #2 way to find your program.  The #1 way to find your program is to find you in a network because you’re awesome!

Biggest thing about affiliate marketing is to help make everything easy.  Make everything easy.  Many people go into a store and follow signs to get where they want.  Others ask people for directions to where they need to go.  Everyone is different, you need to provide both ways for people to get to your program.

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Live Blogging at Affiliate Management Days:  Affiliate Marketing

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