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Linking is Like Love, You Have to Give Some to Get Some

Someone I greatly admire once made this profound statement to me. We’ve employed many different methods to increase incoming links for our clients and some tried and true methods still work very well today.

  • In one example, we have a B2B client that provides large equipment to distributors so we created individual pages of content with a link back to our client and asked each of their distributors to post the page on their website. The content was well-written and optimized appropriately for the keyword phrases that are important to our client. Specific anchor text was used to link back to our client. The pages began to rank naturally on their own which helped the distributors’ website and passed the link juice on to our client.

  • In another example, we had a client that provides services to individuals and businesses and they were having trouble getting to the first page of Google for keyword phrases that were important to their business. So we created mini-sites that were full of helpful tips and hints, videos and links to valuable information. These mini-sites were created on keyword-rich domain names. We used very specific anchor text to link to relevant pages on our client’s website and in a matter of three months, our client started ranking for those keywords that they were previously having trouble getting to the first page of Google for.
  • For another client that specializes in miniature precision ball bearings, we created a Top 100 list of creative uses for ball bearings and sent it out. Some of the uses were so much fun that people created videos and uploaded them to YouTube and then asked us to link to them, which we did. Then we posted the list on Squidoo and allowed people to add their own uses. The list is still growing!

Bottom line – we all know how important incoming links are. There are plenty of ways to get links that don’t involve paying for them. Be creative – think about who you know and never be afraid to ask for a link!

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Kandi M. Humpf is the Corporate Client Advocate at Site-Seeker, Inc., an Internet marketing company based in New Hartford, New York, serving the US and Canada.

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Linking is Like Love, You Have to Give Some to Get Some

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