Link Building with Great Web Design

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Does your website (or your client’s) have a beautiful design? You can take advantage of a unique, creatively designed websites in your link building efforts by submitting them to the following types of sites.

CSS Galleries

Was your site’s template designed using CSS? Then you have a world of options in terms of submitting your site to CSS galleries that showcase the best web designs as inspiration for other web and graphic designers. You can find CSS gallery lists, or even pay a small fee for a service to submit your site to the top CSS galleries for you.

A few things to remember when submitting to CSS galleries. First, you will want to check if the gallery does a direct link to the websites (like CSS Heroes) or if they use a redirect (like CSS Elite). Both will get you traffic, but only ones that directly link to you will give you the link juice. Also, be sure to read the gallery’s submission guidelines – include thumbnails when requested, select the appropriate categories, and supply all of the required information to make sure your entry is easy for the gallery owner to place on their site.

Platform Galleries

Is your website built on a particular platform or using a popular CMS? Chances are, there are galleries showcasing the best designs using specific technologies, such as the We Love WP gallery for great WordPress designs, Drupal Web Design Museum, and Joomla Showcase.

Theme Specific Galleries

If you are using CMS platforms such as WordPress, you may not have a custom design, but a customized theme for your website. Popular themes such as Thesis have their own DIYThemes showcase as well as the independent Thesis Gallery that allows anyone with a customized Thesis theme to submit their web designs.

Design Blogs

Some of the most popular posts on design blogs are roundups of the best designs of sites using particular platforms or within certain industries for inspiration. Just a few examples include:

If you find a compilation that has already been created, it wouldn’t hurt to ask the blog owner if they would consider your site to add to the mix. If you can’t find a compilation that has already been done, why not think of a theme that your website might fit under (like best single-page websites or beautiful ecommerce sites) and submit it as a guest post on a design blog? Sure it will be a lot of research, but well worth it if the post goes viral and gets your site some traffic!

Design Related Link Building Options

Have you gotten links based on web design alone? Can you think of more ways to get creative links based on attractive design?

Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines is a freelance writer, ghostwriter, and blogger who develops high-quality content for businesses.
Kristi Hines
Kristi Hines
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  • Well observed point. Thanks.

  • Hey Kristi, thanks for the link to our article. To answer your question, 'Can you think of more ways to get creative links based on attractive design?'… I've come across some sites that allow you to submit your email templates, great if you design your own that are branded for your company newsletter. You can find one or two of the sites that accept email template submissions in the CSS directories that I have listed in the article you linked to.

    Warmest regards,


    • Sounds like a good idea. You could get on roundups for email template designs, logo designs, advertisements, Twitter design, etc. There are lots of ways to get a link for your great designs!

  • These kinds of links have been discounted by search engineers as offering much value. The technique has been used and abused for years.

    • I look at the CSS directories as being as valuable as other human edited directories with equal Google PageRank.

      The blog posts / roundups are good in-content links. If the post is on a popular enough design blog, it will get a lot of backlinks and probably acquire high PR later on – one roundup post of Apple inspired website designs has a PR 6 which means all of those sites now have a PR 6 backlink.

      It probably depends on which sites / galleries you go after, but there are plenty that will be valuable backlinks to your website.

  • Tons of great ideas. If you're a web design company this is an area you should be focusing on link wise.

    • Absolutely! I'm always surprised to see web design companies who do not have great designs for their own site / portfolio. If you can get your design on a quality design gallery, you wouldn't get just a link but also good referrals!

  • Thanks for referring these websites! I'm gonna visit some of these soon 🙂

  • Thanks for referring these websites! I'm gonna visit some of these soon

  • All points are really thinkable all person must understand what you want to explain.

  • that's really cool, thanks 😀

  • To me this is “out-of-the-box” thinking, which I really love. I would think a link from one of these types of sites would have more value then simply a reciprocal link exchange as it would be an “editorial” link. Fantastic idea!

    • Exactly! The way I look at it, Google says links that are more difficult to get are more valuable. Design galleries are always moderated, and they are very picky about who they let in. Therefore they have to be valuable in that aspect.

  • Seth

    Great post, just one note. The pages don't seem to have any PR juice so the backlinks won't be too effective.

  • Its not just about reciprocal link, but also getting quality traffic and appreciations, if you have a really nice design. People who visit these galleries are generally designers and inspiration seekers. A good website design definitely brings good word-of-mouth and help your website promote viral.

    But beware this may also result in imitation of your website design. After all everything has pros/cons with it.

  • This valuable information.Actually i am working only for link building purpose for my clients website which are developed one.On on page as well as Off page.The main aim for mine is to provide all kinds of services such as advertising, marketing and other google concepts.

  • Valuable information. I am trying to build linkd for my websites and I think I will pay more attention to the web design.

  • Yep! In SEO web design also plays a major part in it.

  • Thanks for these useful tips.
    I think you always have a chance to gain more and more of natural links having attractive design on your site. If you have smth outstanding people speak of you even when you don't make them speak.

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  • Thanks for the plug, Matt! Yeah, while there might be some nuggets of goodness somewhere in all of this – whether or not the same strategy would work for other service-based businesses is up in the air.

  • Skærmen kun

  • Skærmen kun

  • Usefully ideas, but not sure if these sites are going to help if they have a low page rank

  • Really very good tips.For a web design company link building really works as an aid.