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As link builders, we can get a bit “stuck in our ways”. Sometimes we focus too much on the technical aspects of building links and forget that link building should be a creative endeavor.

By allowing ourselves to be creative we begin to realize there are numerous way to build links through a multitude of channels. One such channel is offline, in the “real” world.

Although links exist online, it doesn’t mean we can’t utilize offline strategies to build links. One of the best ways to build links offline is through events, and there are a number of ways to do this.

Host an Offline Event

One of the best ways to build links offline is through hosting your own event.

While links are extremely valuable in terms of SEO, it’s simply not feasible to host an event just for the sake of building some links. But there are a number of other viable reasons to host an offline event, and if you already have one planned there’s no reason you can’t build some great links as well, especially if online visibility is important to your company.

However, these links don’t come easily and much like with traditional link building, you have to do the necessary work. So let’s go through all the different types of events you might already have planned and highlight the potential link opportunities.

Host a Small Local Event

If you’re a small business, it likely makes more sense for you to host local events.

For building links, the main consideration is who you will invite. Some people who may offer link opportunities include:

  • Local media/News Team
  • Prominent Bloggers and Local Influencers
  • Members of Target Audience

Local Media/News Team

Although it can be difficult to entice the local media to attend your small event, there are some best practices you can follow to attract media attention. If you can convince the media to come, it is likely you can acquire a link from their site through the coverage of the event. Here is an example of a local media site covering a local event:

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

These links are extremely valuable as news sites are typically high-quality, trusted sites.

Prominent Bloggers and Local Influencers

Inviting prominent local bloggers and influencers is another great link opportunity. Bloggers are often overlooked, but they are important in today’s digital age and are often flattered to be invited and receive recognition. These are the people who are most likely to write a review or synopsis of your event and link back to your company/site. Here is an example from a local Boise event:

Russian Festival Link Capture with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

Of course, this is only possible if you identify these people and ensure they receive an invitation.

Members of Your Target Audience

Finally, you need to ensure members from your target audience attend your event. It’s obvious that you should invite your target audience as they are typically the whole reason you are hosting the event, but it may be less obvious that link opportunities lie with this audience as well.

Although this group may not be as influential as the one listed above, it is likely that some members of this group have their own sites/blogs and could possibly write a review of your event (complete with a link back to your site). Remember to always monitor brand mentions, as you can reach out to those who cover your event but aren’t linking to your site.

Sponsor an Event

Companies often don’t have the time, energy, or resources to host an event themselves, but still want to be involved in their community. If you’re planning on sponsoring an event, there are plenty of link opportunities.

If the event you are sponsoring has a “Sponsors” page on the event’s website, you will typically receive a link. For example, here is a “Sponsors” page for a local music festival:

BMF Sponsors Page with Arrows

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

This is both a great way to build brand awareness and backlinks. If you’re sponsoring an event, and there’s a page listing sponsors, it’s worth having a link and the brand exposure.

Host a Large Event or Conference

Finally, if you do plan to host any large events or conferences, there are some outstanding link opportunities to go along with the brand exposure involved in such large events.

Much like with smaller events, it is important to ensure the right groups attend. This includes the media, prominent bloggers, target audience/customers, industry influencers, partner companies, etc. However, there are some unique offline link building opportunities here, including:

  • Invite Industry Experts to Speak
  • Give Interviews & Provide Quotes
  • Give Away Merchandise

Invite Industry Experts to Speak

Inviting industry experts and influencers to speak is very common when hosting large events. Make sure to leverage this when looking for link opportunities!

Those who speak will likely write a summary of what they said on their own site and include a link back to yours. For example:

Rand Presentation Link Capture with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

You can even write a summary of their presentation on your own site or blog to make it easier for these people to link to you.

Give Interviews and Provide Quotes

Another way to build links at large events is by giving interviews or providing quotes.

Not only will those who interview you link to you, but others in the industry will often link to the interview as well – which only further increases the value of your links. This strategy only works if you are already viewed as an authority within your niche.

Here is an example of an interview Danny Sullivan did ahead of his conference (SMX West), which provided him with a link from Moz to his site (Search Engine Land).

Danny Sullivan Moz Interview with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

Give Away Merchandise

These large events are the perfect place to give away branded merchandise.

Conferences are great for giving away merchandise because the majority of those attending will be within your niche or industry – or at the very least, interested in your industry. These are the people who you want talking about your company, as they typically share the same audience and often have their own websites.

By giving these people merchandise you can get them talking about your company, which not only means brand exposure, but can also lead to a link.

The key here is to give away things that people actually want and would be excited to receive. Give away something that has the potential to create conversation – something unique, that people would want to tell others about (and provide a link in the process).

There is typically a lot of merchandise given away at conferences so it can be hard to stand out,  and I certainly wouldn’t suggest giving someone merchandise and subsequently asking for a link. However, if you give away something that excites people, they will want to talk about it.

Attend an Offline Event

Much like hosting an offline event, similar link building opportunities are available through simply attending an offline event.

For example, you can speak at an event you attend, and get links from being listed as a speaker. Here is a link I got from speaking at SES San Francisco in 2012:

Jon Speaker Profile with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

You can also get links from others covering your presentation. Here is another example of a link I received from Advanced Web Ranking, as part of their coverage of SES San Francisco 2013:

Jon Mention AWR with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

Networking at these events can also provide you with quality links. Find potential partnerships, build relationships with vendors, join an association – all of these can lead to links. Simply interacting with another company in a notable or memorable (and positive) way can sometimes lead to a great link.

Here is an example of a link Page One Power got from an interview my brother and I did with Bruce Clay Inc. leading up to SES New York 2012:

JandZ Bruce Clay Interview with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of

The interview opportunity came from a connection I had built through attending previous conferences.

Finally, you can write a review of the event and your experiences. There will always be an audience of people who wanted to attend the event, but were unable to. If you write an in-depth review of the event, people within this audience are likely to share your review, often by linking to it.

Here is an example of Linkarati receiving a link for its coverage of the Matt Cutts Q&A Session from SMX Advanced:

WebProNews Rati Mention Capture with Arrow

Screenshot taken 07/17/2014 of


Links connect one website to another, which means the majority of link building strategies must be implemented online. However, this does not mean it’s impossible to build links offline. Specifically, offline events can provide a wealth of opportunities to build links, including:

  • Hosting a small local event
    • Media coverage
    • Invite local bloggers
    • Links from members of target audience with websites
  • Sponsoring an event
    • Sponsor pages
    • Be aware of sponsor mentions (leverage links where possible)
  • Hosting a large event/conference
    • News coverage
    • Speaking engagements
    • Interviews
    • Special giveaways, merchandising
  • Opportunities through attending an offline event
    • Presenting
    • Interviews
    • Reviews
    • News coverage


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Jon Ball
Jon Ball is CEO and co-owner at Page One Power. He is a research expert that specializes in the implementation of highly effective link building strategies for clients all over the world. He’s also an avid photographer. Page One Power is a link building firm that focuses on relevancy and transparency.
Jon Ball
Jon Ball
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  • Dave Schneider

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for writing this article. Most people look for link building opportunities online but don’t think about offline, so I like this change in mindset.

  • Dave Schneider

    Hey Jon,

    Thanks for writing this article. Most people look for link building opportunities online but don’t think about offline, so I like this change in mindset.

    Thanks again
    Dave at NinjaOutreach

    • Jon Ball

      You’re welcome Dave, glad you enjoyed the post!

      Link building is a very creative endeavor and there are certainly a variety of ways to build links even when you’re not at a computer.

  • centermassmedia

    Great article, Jon. I especially love the reference to local bloggers. They are more powerful than anyone truly realizes.

    • Jon Ball

      Thank you for the kind words.

      I agree, local bloggers tend to get overlooked but they often have decent sized readerships and a great deal of influence within the local online community. Including these folks in your events can provide great exposure for your company/brand and potentially lead to some links as well.

  • Peter Buffington

    Jon, it’s Peter Buffington that worked at Page One Power up until last November. I’m over in Australia working at a global media agency and have shared these insights with the team.

    Hope you guys are all doing really well.

    • Jon Ball

      Good to hear from you Pete!

      I’m glad the article could be helpful, and I hope all is well in Australia!

  • Stella J.

    Nice write up and Thanks for sharing this post. It’s the wonderful idea you have shared with the people who are making efforts for link building online but not getting success. I think this will help them in moving forward.

    • Jon Ball

      Thanks for the kind words and comment Stella.

      I certainly hope this post can be helpful and inspire people to find creative ways to build links.

  • Amadeuz07

    I never considered link building through offline since I read this article and I have to admit I see link building before as a technical ways always will through online.I also like how you point that link is not just relying on how technical it should be but also always must in creative ways.So through offline ..? Who knows anyway link building is somehow will always be a Win-win game. Cheers ..!

    • Jon Ball

      Thank you for your comment Amadeuz, I’m glad you enjoyed the article.

  • Wojtek Mazur

    Really well written Jon. Going offline to find link building opportunities is great. We should forget about the technical aspect- that links are connections between the websites, and believe links are connections between the people… There is always somebody behind a website

    • Jon Ball

      Thank you for the kind words Wojtek,

      I completely agree. We always say at Page One Power that websites don’t link to people, people link to people.

  • Jenny

    Its true that many people limit themselves on searching for linking opportunities just online. Link building is all about making connections with others, no matter if its online or offline.

    • Jon Ball

      Thanks for the comment Jenny, I couldn’t agree more!