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Link Baiting Example: How to Build Links in Any Niche

Building links with quality content is the most effective, absolutely white-hat tactic. But is it suitable for any niche? Can it be done for some “boring” topics like gift wrapping, for example. A thread at WebmasterWorld discusses how to build links for a site related to gifts theme and it ca be a great example on how to brainstorm for effective link bait in any niche.

Step 1. (You are starting to build links and connections.) Come up with funky ideas on how to wrap things:

  • offer some new original ways to wrap things (other than doing that with paper);
  • look for related proverbs and saying, do a research on what they go back to;
  • create timely funny and / or sensational content related to holidays (e.g. describe how to wrap a Christmas Tree);
  • describe how to wrap funny shaped objects:

…show how to gift wrap a broom or a rocking chair…

Step 2. (You are already fairly well-known in the blogosphere and have some industry connections.) Position yourself as an expert: write well-put detailed step-by-step how-to articles explaining how to wrap things and promote them.

Step 3. (You are popular enough and can go further.) Approach big companies: find some not-so-easy-to-wrap product, create some great viral content explaining how to wrap it the best way and approach the manufacturer. Chances are, you will not only generate links but will also find powerful partners in the neighboring niche.

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Link Baiting Example: How to Build Links in Any Niche

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