Learning From The 2012 SERPs [Infographic Included]

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My favorite part of the new year is being able to see all kinds of stats, studies, and results of the previous year. Every year we see Google make updates to the SERPs. Unless you were conducting a daily study and analyzing trends, you probably didn’t know all of the changes Google made last year.

Our friends over at SearchMetrics just released a fantastic study which details the changes to the SERPs and the trends which occurred in 2012. Some of the highlights include:

  • a slight decline in video integtraion
  • an increase in image integtration
  • a sharp decline in shopping
  • a significant increase in news integration

Shown below is the infographic which sums up their analyses:

universal search in the google serps


Video marketers should expect stiffer competition on the Google side of things. There’s tremendous opportunity to write about news and be included in the SERPs. eCommerce business owners need to consider paying to be included into the Google Shopping network if they want their products to be seen more often.

What are your thoughts about all of this? 

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan

Adam Morgan is a PPC expert, entrepreneur, blogger, and amiable guy. In his spare time, you can find him updating his own blog.
Adam Morgan
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  • Sahil

    Google shopping has been a run away winner of all Google products in terms of revenue they generated with the PLAs. Google has acquired or created on their own, some of the great products on the web like Youtube, Google News etc. which give a lot of quality information to the users in many forms to consume and hence they some of the Google properties deserve to be dominated in the SERPs.

  • Matt Coffy

    Thanks for sharing this data and information with us, Adam. This is definitely important for business owners to at least consider especially since social media and tech advances rather rapidly and marketing strategies must keep up with the paces.