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Lead Generation: How It Works on LinkedIn

 New LinkedIn Company PageSource: New LinkedIn Company Page | Official Blog

Now that your business already has a LinkedIn Company Page, it’s time to get started with your inbound marketing campaign.

There are two ways which you can do to generate leads through LinkedIn: the direct and the indirect approaches. The first one is designed to provide company information about your network and prospects. The second approach,  on the other hand, is created to spark a conversation with your connection, and then bringing them to a landing page.

Direct LinkedIn Approach

A direct LinkedIn approach is ideal if you reach to your network with their interests in mind. Imagine this scenario: You are in a cocktail party and then someone approached you to sell you a house and lot instantly. That would be an unpleasant experience, right?

On the other hand, when you go to a cocktail party and met someone who spent talking with you for 20 minutes, you will be more inclined to listen to what he or she is trying to say. When that someone talks about you, your interests, and needs, and then tell you that he or she is a real estate agent, then you are more likely to have a business transaction with him or her.

The same thing goes when you generate leads on LinkedIn through direct approach. You have to know your prospects first, and try being helpful by offering advice, industry insights, or general information. When you already build a relationship them, that’s the right time to give a sales pitch.

Indirect LinkedIn Approach

The indirect approach, on the other hand, allows you to redirect people to a landing page. Using this page, your prospects can download a white paper, sign up for a newsletter, or read more information about your business and the products and services that you provide.

In order for an indirect approach to become successful, you have to engage your connection using the direct approach. Offer free advice or helpful information that can be valuable to your network. When a relationship between you and your followers are already established, you can then give out a sales pitch that will bring them to a landing page. From there, sales transaction could begin.

Getting the attention of your prospects and generating leads from them actually takes time and patience. You have to start by making yourself and your company’s presence known, and then create and build a connection with your network. That way, you can easily convince that you are worth doing business with.

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Lead Generation: How It Works on LinkedIn

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