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Kowabunga (MYAP) Scores Yahoo Search Marketing’s New Affiliate Program

Kowabunga (MYAP) Scores Yahoo Search Marketing’s New Affiliate Program

Can you increase the cost of affiliate software from $50 to $2000 per month and still get new customers to buy it? According to Jeff Molander you sure can! MYAP from Kowabunga, which I consider to be the top affiliate tracking software on the market just raised their prices from $995 setup and $50 per month to no set-up and $2,000 per month. That’s a pretty hefty increase. Speculation is that Kowabunga is positioning to go up against the big networks like CJ and Linkshare.

Over at ThreadWatch a couple weeks ago, there was a lively discussion about the justification for such a big price increase: Threadwatch: MyAP Raise Prices – From $50 – $2000 Monthly. Today Jeff Molander at ReveNews reports Yahoo Search Taps Kowabunga, Declines CJ. Jeff states:

“I’ve got to think that Commission Junction was disappointed when GGI/Think Partnership’s Kowabunga! was chosen to operate Yahoo Search Marketing’s Certified Affiliate program… considering their lock on Yahoo’s Small Business and Hotjobs divisions. Is this a fluke or a sign of the times? Has Kowabunga finally made the “consideration leap” (into the Major Leagues of affiliate marketing)? All signs would indicate yes as the company has successfully wooed big brands away from the “big 3? networks, recently having signed biggies like Hilton (a relatively under-publicized fact) and Fairmont Hotels.”

I look forward to watching the growth of Kowabunga and am waiting to see who joins them next. For those that aren’t ready to join the big leagues yet, Kowabunga also has a lower cost version I don’t hear mentioned very often. AffiliateClicks, MYAP’s little brother, is only $199 set-up and the usage fee based on bandwidth starts at $25 per month.

Linda Buquet, president of 5 Star Affiliate is an Affiliate Management Consultant that represents a select group of high paying, high integrity affiliate programs. The 5 Star site also features all the best affiliate blogs and SEO news, as well as a friendly Internet marketing forum.

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Kowabunga (MYAP) Scores Yahoo Search Marketing’s New Affiliate Program

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