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Digg’s Kevin Rose has just launched a Twitter directory called WeFollow (smart branding if I may say so).  WeFollow is a directory of Twitter users based on various categories which we ourselves determine.  The WeFollow main site list down the top 10 Twitter members in various popular categories including Celebrity, Tech, Music, News, Actor, and Social Media. The top categories were displayed based on the number of followers who tagged themselves into the said category.  


To get into your chosen category, you must have the top number of followers in Twitter. So,  currently, Kevin is the top Twitter member in the Tech category, while in the Celebrity category, the top Twiter member is Britney Spears. 

WeFollow is as simple as it can possible be right now. Aside from the top Twitter members in the top categories, you can also see the other categories being used by Twitter members to tag themselves.  There is also a list of the current Top Tweeters on the lower part of the right sidebar. 

To add your Twitter account into the WeFollow all you need to do is to click on the “Add Yourself to WeFollow” button on the top right side of the WeFollow site. This will bring you to your Twitter account and you would be ask to send a reply to @wefollow #tag1 #tag2 #tag#. Where tag represents the category where you wan to be listed.

I’m not sure how fast your Twitter account is going to appear on the site once you’ve sent the reply. But the listing is pretty dynamic and changes easily. Obviously because the number of  Twitter followers increases dynamically through time. Update: Well, it didn’t take that long for my Twitter name to appear on the index. I’m currently listed as #243 in the “blogger” category.

Generally WeFollow is a pretty clever approach at coming up with a directory of Twitter members. It’s still in beta mode and it certainly got more room for improvement.  The tag search for instance can be improved to accept multiple tag combination search. Like for example lettting you search for Twitter members who have used the tags – search, engine, blogger.

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  • David Catalano

    I agree with the comments on searching tag combos. That would be extremely helpful. I could see who put in the same tags as me #entrepreneur #advertising #socialmedia — anyone with that exact match would be an ideal candidate to follow.

    Also, didn’t know Kevin Rose was behind this one.


  • Paul Morales

    Nice thats crazy. Kevin Rose is doing big things 😉

  • Bloggeries

    Very cool. Curious how Twellow is going to react to this and what there game plan will be. If I was in the space and Kevin suddenly came into it with something innovative like this I know I’d be worried.

  • DTs Flash Drive Blog

    This sounds great! I guess I really should get on the Twitter bandwagon now….It’s all so overwhelming when you’re new to the Blogosphere.


    Great Information! Keep up the good work!

  • Yuka

    People are starting to make catalogs and directories of users. Same as it was with pages.

  • Jerlene

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