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Jeeves Rides Off Into The Sunset

Jeeves Rides Off Into The Sunset

The official Ask Jeeves blog has been informing us for quite a long time now of their impending decision to kick the Butler to the curb find a more marketable mascot, and now they’ve got a hilarious video made by the multi-talented JD Ryznar that asks us all the question, “Do you got the fury, man!” and gives Jeeves some love. Plus, is that Danny Sullivan playing the referee?

ask jeeves video

You can also visit Jeeve’s office and help him figure out what to do next; options include leaving Jeeves a message, looking at blueprints for the upcoming new search site titled Jeeves (nothing there yet but a placeholder), snoop his PDA, pick a vacation, etc.

From the Ask Jeeves blog entry titled Thanks, Jeeves:

“One thing that won’t change with our new brand will be our focus on making search better for real people, from heavy searchers to new searchers. Our best innovations have been inspired by this approach to usability. How do people really search and what tools do they really need to be more effective?

In his purest form, this is what Jeeves always stood for, especially to those who worked here, from the founders onward. And no matter what you thought of him, 10 years is a respectable run. That sock puppet didn’t even last two.”

Wendy Boswell is the Editor of’s Websearch and also blogs at Uncover The Internet.

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Wendy Boswell is the Editor for About Web Search and part of the New York Times Company.

Jeeves Rides Off Into The Sunset

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