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It’s Alive…ALIVE! How To Create Electrifying SEO Content

Those of us that undertake the daily task of writing for our blog, articles for our clients or newsworthy press releases can sometimes lose the will to live when ideas are sparse. Words are fused together within a weave of conjunctions and contractions that make up an ugly, SEO monster that would terrify even the most experienced reader.

Fortunately, there are ways to become a modern day Frankenstein and create content to make it every bit electrifying as your last creation.

The brains of any content; The Title

As important as a head on shoulders, the title is the brains, the intelligence and determines the success of any SEO content. An attractive title leads the rest of the content and generates exposure online amongst all the other articles, press releases and blog posts out there.

As well as grabbing a reader’s attention, a title spearheads the ideas that will create a piece of writing that will not only establish you as a writer but create exposure and authority for your business. Many writers devise the title last and just write to spill out ideas. Of course, even if it’s a concept, there is still the initial idea that is devised from using six or seven words.

Whether you are passionate about what you’re writing or understand little about a subject, an intriguing and interesting title can give you that burning desire to research and discover more about what you’re expressing to readers, rather than work your fingers to the bone for nothing in return.

Of course, in terms of SEO, the title holds many keys to success. With a clever, key word rich title, the appearance of said text will therefore appear within a search, exposing your business for all it’s worth.

So when creating your content remember, brains over brawn. A snappy, short, intriguing title will turn your writing into something to be admired, not avoided.

Add meat to the bones; the main body

Regardless of how you devise content, writing all starts with a skeleton (idea) that needs padding out with fleshy sentences and muscular description. When it comes to creating the bulk of your article it is better to break down into bite-size chunks rather than sieve through dense ideas.

Neck and torso;

Similar to the head (title), the neck and torso (introduction) hold all of the other ideas together. Whatever is written after this will be a reflection of what was initiated at this stage. How you develop these ideas is up to you, but remember; A limp frame will not be able to support anything that is added on to it causing it to crumble under the weight of under developed ideas. A strong, sturdy start will make for a strong and sturdy article.

SEO is all about gaining exposure making you the best at what you do. Without proving this in everything you do, not only will people not take you seriously, but the search engines aren’t likely to either.


Developing your ideas from what you have set out to discuss in your introduction will make your content far easier to write. If you don’t know where you’re going with your ideas, neither will your readers; resulting in people fleeing in horror.

Keep to the point that you set out to make within the title and introduction. Everything attached to your initial idea should follow through and not leave readers disappointed.


Your heart should be in what you are writing. People can tell the difference between content that has been written out of choice and a piece that has been forced. Make all your work, work for you and you will reap the rewards in views, comments and tweets.

Your lungs should breathe fresh air into a topic not create a stale atmosphere with rewritten text. Make sure if content has already being covered that your make it your own and take on an angle that makes you piece stand out against other works.


Wrap up your monstrous ideas within your conclusion, making it complete and ready to be sprung into life. The conclusion of any writing project should a pull everything together, completing the final piece and showing it in all its glory. All the bits and pieces used to create something new and interesting should all be finalised, anything left hanging around will not only frustrate your readers, but cause the whole piece to fall apart and seem disjointed.

Bringing Your Article To Life: Switch on the power.

Writing an article that is SEO friendly is all well and good, but sitting on your desktop will do nothing for your listings. It’s time to plug in and switch on and get that creation out there moving across the web. Submitting it to industry specific blogs, categories and exposing it on all forms of social media will make all the work worthwhile.

Don’t forget to link back to your website or blog and let readers know the inventor. If you’ve produced exciting and intriguing content, it will only spur you to keep creating and bringing words on a page to life.

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It’s Alive…ALIVE! How To Create Electrifying SEO Content

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