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How To Isolate KPIs In Your Analytics Reports: Interview With Jonathan Kressaty

As part of our SEJ interview series, I recently caught up with Jonathan Kressaty from Levers to discuss analytics.

As the founder of a marketing analytics company, Jonathan is an analytics expert. I took this opportunity with him to ask what the number one thing is that people aren’t paying attention to in their analytics.

Hear Jonathan’s response in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • The biggest thing Jonathan sees are people failing to isolate one or two key performance indicators (KPI) in their analytics. Jonathan defines these KPI as something that really matters to your business, something that allows you to make meaningful decisions by looking at just those one or two numbers.
  • Because people don’t do this, they fail to see the isolated picture of what’s happening. They’re distracted by too much other data and not paying attention to the numbers that really matter when it comes to growing their business.
  • What KPIs should businesses be paying attention to? It’s almost always revenue, Jonathan says, but in the online marketplace it can usually be something else because your businesses may not be dependant on performing transactions online.
  • If the primary focus of your site is generating leads, you want to look at specific goal completions and where your traffic is coming from. You also need to look at whether or not you’re getting people to perform the single “micro-action” you need, such as filling out a contact form, and if that micro-action is leading to a larger macro-action, such as converting them into a client.

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How To Isolate KPIs In Your Analytics Reports: Interview With Jonathan Kressaty

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