Yahoo! Blocked in China

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Guess what… is available again:) Would love to know what the cause was of their unavailability. I’ll keep monitoring to see if things change.

Yesterday China Herald tipped me that the website (the English version) didn’t resolve. I checked, saw that it was true and thought I would check back the next day if the situation had changed.

At times these things happen here in China and it could have been a technical problem instead of a block. Yahoo! China ( was still working and even was doing ok.

This morning I checked again and is still unavailable. Also stopped giving results entirely.

Yahoo! China still resolves, as the Chinese version of Yahoo is owned by Chinese company Alibaba which makes it less likely this version will be affected.

Is really blocked?

It probably is, at least for now. Not so long ago Flickr was blocked and Typepad and Blogspot were reblocked.

The only reason I can think of that has made the masterminds in China’s blocking center decide this, are Yahoo’s recent statements that “China should not punish people for expressing their political views on the Internet”. In that case a block like this is just a reminder from the authorities to show who is in charge.

It’s annoying, mostly for foreigners living in China as they can’t access their mail. still works and in that respect will affect the Chinese user less.

The question is now how long will be punished/blocked. A day, a week or maybe it gets on the special list of websites that are blocked on and off like aforementioned Blogger and Typepad.

The good news is that some others on this special list have been unblocked. Wikipedia has been unblocked again for all languages but Chinese and Technorati is available as well.

The block soap (opera) continues.

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  • Debbie

    Very frustrated! I cannot believe why it is blocked.

  • Loren Baker, Editor

    Given the China modus operandi, after was blocked because of questionable searches and censored material making it to the citizens of Deng Xiao Peng’s Social Capitalist utopia, blocking the access to Yahoo would also make sense.

    In such a manner, the government has control over the communications which take place over the Yahoo China servers, and can use their legal influence to determine what is accessible in their country and what is not.

    Ideally, China would redirect visitors to Yahoo China; possibly increasing its market share within the country, which all in all, is a good thing for Yahoo & Alibaba.

    For free speech? Well, from a realist perspective, China’s not the US … so until it is, Yahoo and other Internet companies need to follow the local legal rulings and government policies.

  • Sushubh

    redirection would be the best solution…

  • james

    I have lived in China for 16 years. why do you think its blocked. just look at the news. if you can get CNN which is also blocked, or get someone to text you .. oh by the way some text services are also blocked.

    what did the IOC think would happen. dont need sherlock to sort that on out do we

  • ,

    In 2009.8.18 even earlier,yahoo english web blocked in China again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • master chief

    ZOMG WTF Don’t be blocked sadasdad

  • joy

    this is so unfair
    why does china have to block all the good sites!!?!?!?

  • joy

    this is so unfair
    why does china have to block all the good sites!!?!?!?