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Is the GDrive Finally Coming Out?

Like I always say, if a long-standing rumor has landed the pages of the Wall Street Journal, that rumor must be finally coming true. This time around looks like the long-standing rumor about Google’s hosted storage, GDrive may finally be seeing the light of day soon. As the WSJ reports that the almighty G is after all planning  a service to store users’ data.

According to the WSJ article:

“Google is preparing a service that would let users store on its computers essentially all of the files they might keep on their personal-computer hard drives — such as word-processing documents, digital music, video clips and images, say people familiar with the matter.”

Although this kind of web service is already being provided by Microsoft with its Sky Drive, Google’s storage space will be offered as a free service instead.

Of course Google has the resources to offer this kind of service for free as compared to Microsoft. And this kind of service if indeed will push through could very well work for Google’s advantage. Gmail, Picasa, Google Docs and this hosted storage would certainly enhanced Google’s position in the web-based computing scene.

Google’s hosted package would certainly open up a new advertising avenue for Google. Although as the WSJ reports, it is still unclear whether Google plans to display ads into the storage service. Expect Google to serve online ads in the hosted storage’s portal once it becomes a reality soon.

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Is the GDrive Finally Coming Out?

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