Is Microsoft Rebranding Live Search into Kumo?

SMS Text is reporting that Microsoft has just taken control of the domain name and the site is pointing to an internal Microsoft test site which can be accessed only by Microsoft employees. The name Kumo which literally translates to “cloud” or “spider” was among the names which came out on a post by Mary Jo Foley about Microsoft’s plan of rebranding Live Search.

I could understand Microsoft’s desire to rebrand Live Search as it has undergone so many name changes in the past years, that it became pretty confusing already as to what its search engine is called really. I, for one gets confused most of the time. Although, it’s easily accessible when you just type in on your browser’s address bar. But for name recall and for writing purposes, that’s where the confusion comes in really.

But then, if Microsoft is really seriously considering Kumo as the new branding of its Live Search product, would it really help their search engine at all? The problem with Live Search may not be with its branding but with other aspects of a search engine per se. Of course both Google and Yahoo have an advantage when it comes to name recall and effective branding of their search engine. In fact, they were able to establish their name as a form of action that denotes “search”.

Can Kumo establish the same thing? I’d rather not say the negative as it is too early to tell. Let’s see when Microsoft re-launch its search engine with a new branding sometime next year.

Arnold Zafra
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  • Rahul

    Well for me sounds better than But since this is a matter of better marketing and re-branding of brand giant Microsoft it is a wait and watch game for users like us.

  • Shanghai IT Solutions

    I don’t think it would make much sense, with all the billions that MS has been pouring into building the Live search brand…

  • mahesh

    I’m really not in favor of kumo…
    Let’s see what happens in the end…

  • Saad Kamal

    I don’t think so. Probably its for some other project.

  • Mark

    Has anyone gone to and run a search for Interesting results on the first line!!!

  • Software Review

    It can help them?

  • Webmail

    That’s great to know about Kumo Search engine.

  • Web Backlinks

    I think “live” is attributed more to the gaming console XBOX 360. The term is overly used in the Microsoft world. KUMO.COM might hold better as a search engine brand.

  • DirectJump

    Would people readily use or think of “Kumo”? Doubt it…a little arcane.

    Kumo can even be misspelled:

    (“Koomoh”, “Koomo”, “Khumo”, “Kumho”, “Koomho”, “Koomoh”, “Kumoh”, “Khumho”, “coomo”, “coomoh”, …)

    People may be more likely to “DirectJump” it though…
    It’s a regular sounding word-phrase that makes sense (for English speakers anyways).

    MS DirectJump…Microsoft DirectJump…MS DJ…Microsoft DJ…all have a nice vibe…

    “DirectJump” – it can be thought of by itself or combined with “Microsoft” in front of it.

    In time, it may be thought of as “DJ-ing” it…

    Oh well…jmho.

    Kumo is japanese for “spider” (e.g. web crawling) or “cloud” (e.g. cloud computing) but
    most non-Japanese people just won’t incorporate it into their vernacular.

    However, DirectJump is more comprehensible and sounds more normal. It’s regular but catchy. The word “DirectJump” also connotes low-level computer programming which could even earn the affection of some computer afficionados.

  • Can

    Anyone know how can I test Kumo?

  • john smith

    i can’t imagine the number and frequency of off-color jokes this name will engender….one more time MS shows that it really doesn’t live in the real world.