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Apple’s iOS 5 Caught Speeding [Infographic]

Apple’s iOS 5 Caught Speeding [Infographic]

New Relic, a company that measures and manages the performance of Web applications, recently released the results of a study that examined the performance differences between mobile Safari on iOS 4 and iOS 5 on same model iPhones. The study concluded that the Safari browser loads pages three times faster on iPhones with iOS 5 than the Safari browser on iPhones with iOS 4.

New Relic came to their conclusions using two testing methods. The first test was uncontrolled and examined the average Web application response times that 3,000 randomly-sampled New Relic customers experienced. The New Relic team tracked the users’ browser performance when loading over 3,000 apps. The results of this test indicated that the average page load time was 4.1 seconds with iOS 5 and 9.6 seconds with iOS 4. Of note, this field test did not have the capability to gather data such as which carrier users were on or whether people were using 3G or Wi-Fi.

The second test was conducted in a controlled laboratory setting. One iPhone with iOS 5 was tested against another iPhone with iOS 4; each phone had identical hardware. In this lab test, Web pages loaded in an average time of 1.88 seconds on the iOS 5 phone and 6.34 seconds on the one with iOS 4.

The new iOS 5 was released on October 12. In addition to offering a faster Safari browser speed than iOS 4, the new operating system’s features include over 200 new features including iMessage, Notification Center, NewsStand, Twitter integration, and an improved Camera app. IPhone users can connect their device to iTunes in order to download the new operating system.

ios5 is faster than ios4 infographic

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Apple’s iOS 5 Caught Speeding [Infographic]

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