Introducing Our New Features Writer: AnnaLea Bates

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Introducing Our New Features Writer: Anna Bates | SEJ

We’re excited to announce that Search Engine Journal got a new team member! AnnaLea Bates (née Crowe) is joining SEJ as our Features Writer, providing in-depth posts on the finer aspects of digital marketing every month.

A Little More About AnnaLea

Anna is the owner of Hello Anna Branding & Co., a creative SEO marketing studio based in Tampa, FL. She specializes in SEO, content development, and design; and caters to clients located throughout the world. She’s also the SEO Marketing Manager at Noodle Education, an online learning platform.

Things that make her happy are green tea, peanut butter, and her basset hound named Norman.

Join us is giving her a warm welcome!

Connect With AnnaLea

Want to connect with Anna online? Feel free to follow her on Twitter, check out her LinkedIn profile, or hit her up on SEJ’s social channels, especially Twitter.

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