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Instagram to Let Creators Tag Products in Posts

Instagram will soon let creators link to products in posts, which users can shop for without leaving the app.

Creators will be able to tag products in their posts from businesses that are part of Instagram checkout. Users can tap on the product tags to be taken to an in-app shopping page.

Currently, creators can tag brands in photos and provide product information in the caption. In order to buy the product, users would still have to look it up on their own.

Starting next week, creators can tag exactly what is seen in their photos.

The company states in its announcement:

“This is yet another important step in our shopping journey and we’ll continue to listen to feedback from our community on how we can make the experience even better…

For brands, this means a new way to reach an engaged audience who are actively looking to their favorite creators for inspiration, and make it easier to shop a brand’s products.”

This could be a boon to sales for businesses that sell Instagrammable products.

In order for businesses to be eligible to have their products tagged they need to be part of Instagram’s checkout beta.

Instagram is rolling out product tags first to a small group of notable influencers. Both creators and the brands they tag will receive insights about the performance of shopping posts.

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Instagram to Let Creators Tag Products in Posts

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