How Important Is Responsive Design: Interview With Michael David

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As part of our SEJ interview series, Michael David of Tasty Placement discusses an issue that’s on every website owner’s mind these days. Just how important is it that your website is optimized for mobile devices with responsive design?

To give an example of how fast mobile Internet use is on the rise, 40% of YouTube’s traffic in 2013 came from mobile devices compared to 25% in 2012 and just 5% in 2011.

Michael and his team at Tasty Placement are encouraging clients to go in the direction of responsive design. He explains why in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Responsive design is the best approach to getting those business customers with mobile devices into your sales cycle instead of letting them drop out.
  • Michael views responsive design as a way to plug holes for the mobile device users who can’t get what they need from your site in its current form.
  • Michael’s company designs responsive websites in three levels: a desktop version, a tablet version, and a mobile version.
  • When building a responsive web site a key thins to focus on is making it easy for the user to fill out forms on their mobile device.
  • To determine how important responsive design is for your specific website, go into Google Analytics and check your conversions rates and user engagement on mobile devices. If the numbers are dropping you can regain those customers with responsive design.

If you have any questions after watching the video, please ask them in the comments section and I will do my best to respond to everyone! Please visit SEJ’s YouTube page for more video interviews.

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  • Jeric

    What if mobile users are only a small percentage of our website traffic, do we still need to consider a responsive web design?

    • Pawas Gupta

      Hi Jeric,
      Yes, you definitely need it. Mobile and tablet traffic is only going to rise in days to come. Be ready for the future. 🙂

  • OKay Marketing

    Responsive design is very important as long as you do it right. I haven’t built a site that isn’t responsive for the last 2 years. If you think responsive from the start, it can be a lot easier. And like he said, make sure your forms and clickable phone number are easy to use on your mobile device!

  • Prasanth

    We moved our sites to responsive one, not is in wordpress responsive. Bounce rates are reduced and conversion rates are also became high, but site loading very slowly in mobile devices. Is any thing do for speed up site loading time in mobile devices ?

  • Manoj Soni

    I have been to responsive design for 2 years now and yes as Michael Said I also like Level Approach when I am designing my sites for Mobile Devices using responsive design method, it is easier and much trouble free.

  • Robin Thebs

    Its always a good idea to look at google analytics and design and develop the responsive websites.
    In that case its always based on facts, user behaviours and more conversion oriented. With mobile user more than happy to scroll the pages to the bottom it does give some flexibility to make longer pages unless they are more interactive and user friendly.

  • jaap

    A nice article, explaining the importance of a responsive design for your conversions. Too bad the video’s and ads are non-responsive at this page…

    • Michael David

      Not responsive? This page is fully responsive for me in Chrome…