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Imagery : A Novel UI to Google Image Search

User Interfaces to search engines have not undergone much change since the last decade. When it comes to searching for URLs, perhaps the vanilla single-text-box-list-of-result UI is the best we need. But for image search and more importantly media search, more innovative interface designs are possible. Proof for that is Imagery, a neat UI on top of Google Image Search created by Eliazar Parra Cardenas, who was irritated with the wasted space when googling for images .

The various options available when searching images are :

  1. Clicking on an image adds it to a column at the bottom of the screen.
  2. Hovering on an image displays the size of actual image and along with that the option to go to the source or just the image.
  3. Images for the ‘next’ batch are added to the ones already on the screen.

In addition there are the options to choose the file type, color, size and to set filters on the returned results of images.

Imagery goes to prove that there is indeed a world of difference to be made with novel tweaks to interfaces. A successor for Imagery with a total new interface and with an option to change the source engines is also expected to be available in course of time.

How was your experience with Imagery?

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Imagery : A Novel UI to Google Image Search

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