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Identity & Custom User Experiences – How ID Helps Convert [Podcast]


Savvy digital marketers leverage user identification to create genuinely custom experiences for their customers because identity is a crucial part of today’s online landscape.

Nancy Marzouk of MediaWallah joins me on the SEJ show to discuss the concept of identity data and how it becomes an integral part of digital advertising. In addition, we discuss the critical elements to have in place to create a successful approach.

We also get into clean rooms and clean tech vs. a “black box” approach and how AWS, Google & Snowflake’s impacts on the ID data market will look like.

There’s a lot that needs to go into how I design my identity strategy to fit not only the privacy talk about data governance and all that fun stuff but also works within the industry that I’m in and deals with the marketing stack that I’ve invested in. So that’s really where identity by design comes in. It helps you understand. We help people understand the pieces of what a sustainable building-up of your identity graph might look like. –Nancy Marzouk, 06:19

The fact that the cookies were anonymous and that the workflow that was present for cookies was acceptable, but it’s no longer viable when you’re starting to deal with the first-party data. Because it’s very sensitive information, creating a more secure workflow will be very important in the future. With that being said, it doesn’t mean that retargeting goes away. It just looks a little different. –Nancy Marzouk, 10:41

With cookies and mobile going away, what it does is it brings the advertiser and the publisher closer together. –Nancy Marzouk, 16:15

00:00 – About Nancy.
05:00 – What is identity, and why is it important?
08:46 – Can you still retarget in the future?
11:47 – Is it going to be better or worse for advertising?
22:51 – Does a publisher have to work with every identity solution?
35:29 – A scenario ID platforms can identify.
38:47 – How to transition to ID.

Resources mentioned:
MediaWallah –

There are different parts of identity. First, there’s being able to identify an event or a session or something happening in a browser or something happening in the app so that you can do that targeting right then and there based on what the platform is that you’re using. And then there’s how do I take all that information and connect it to an individual or a user so that I can perhaps do some sophisticated audience modeling or attribution? –Nancy Marzouk, 26:12

It seems like the past three years. Google’s been serving more and more publisher sites that are reviews or product-oriented reviews, recipe sites, whatever on the publisher side, as opposed to going directly to the source. So I think it will make that real estate more important from an advertising perspective. –Loren Baker, 19:01

People are looking to use their first-party data to bridge the gap and create a crosswalk between the information they need to understand about their marketing and the effectiveness of their marketing. –Nancy Marzouk, 05:17

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Connect with Nancy Marzouk:

Nancy is a true maverick on the marketing technology scene – always one step ahead of the pack and more than capable of solving even its most stubborn problems.

Through her company MediaWallah, she’s revolutionized how data can be connected for maximum value at every level. The industry has taken note – Nancy’s been making waves as a frequent guest speaker at conferences and through op-ed pieces in publications everywhere!

Her genuine commitment to progress saw her appointed to IAB’s Cookie Management Task Force – proving that when it comes to tech, no problem lies beyond reach with Nancy around.

Connect with Nancy on LinkedIn:
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Connect with Loren Baker, Founder of Search Engine Journal:

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Identity & Custom User Experiences – How ID Helps Convert [Podcast]

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