Ideas For Creating Unique Sharable Content

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Shalaka Pawar
Shalaka Pawar
Ideas For Creating Unique Sharable Content

“Content is King” and yes, we know it! Time and again we have realized the importance of content in our SEO activities. SEO has drastically changed over the years only to re-iterate the importance of fresh ideas.

Is it possible to generate great unique content every time?

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Let’s say your target consumer is a fashion house! WOW! Here you might have a plethora of ideas to write amazing unique content (changing fashion trends, new fashion products in the market, analyzing a celebrity’s fashion statemen, and etc.). What if your domain does not fall into such category? It is cliché to be in a niche market where you don’t have ample opportunities to publish your content!

Well, don’t be disheartened, all problems have solutions, here’s a list of ideas for creating good quality unique content.

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1) Grab on to the ‘comments’ section

Your existing articles can themselves become a source of inspiration for you to start writing upon a new topic. When people comment on your content, it’s their way of engaging with you or your brand and this in itself opens a lot of doors in terms of content opportunities. Browse through the comments you have received for your existing articles. People might have asked questions, the answers to which may lie in your next article. There is also a possibility that some comment might actually trigger off a different discussion which can again be transferred into another article.

2) Customer or expert reviews success mantra

One sure way to succeed is by catering to your customers’ needs. You can always ask your customers or industry experts to review any of your products. The ultimate sales process from cold calling to direct customer acquisition becomes easy when a product is already reviewed by experts, thereby leading to faster purchases. With the advent of social media, reviews of people in your circle seem to be all the more important. Inviting your customers to review your product would also help in grabbing eyeballs effectively!

3) Facebook likes

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This is one of the best ways to know what your audience is looking for. Just check your Facebook posts and see which ones have received the maximum likes or comments. This is a direct way in which you can cater to the needs and preferences of your end consumers. This exercise helps you understand your audience and their interests. Once you tap into the interest of your target audience, you can simply write enhanced posts on topics they like. As the topics would be of the customers interest itself, there is little that can stop it from going viral!

4)      LinkedIn

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Join groups related to your domain. A lot of discussions that take place on such groups can be a great source of inspiration for your next article. Some discussions might also heat up to debates. Picking up any such controversial topics can also stir up new content.

5)      Quora and Yahoo Answers

Question and answer forums like Quora or Yahoo answers can give you a lot of opportunities to build content for your website. Since people are looking out for answers to their questions, what better way than you assisting them with expert advice?

6)      Top it up with surveys

top it up with surveys

This is one of my favorite ways to get content ideas. Take up a survey on any topic of your interest. The results of the survey itself can serve as a tailor-made piece of content. Article and infographics can stem out of such surveys. There are a lot of free tools that help you prepare your survey and give results in the form of nice graphs, which can be shared as images.

Even a simple poll on Facebook can suffice for a survey. Such information, apart from being sharable, is also helpful if it comes across as news; even PR sites can pick up your survey, thus getting a natural link back from them.

Series of articles – break down the load!

You can break down a huge concept into different parts (called volumes or series). This way you are ensured of posting fresh content on a regular basis. For a layman, the jargon may prove to be a turn-off; thus it is essential to build on the concepts in small steps.

7)      Predict the future

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Every marketer needs to plan in advance keeping in mind budgetary decisions, predict sales volumes, production activities, and etc. You can always foresee what the future might hold for your industry, especially when there are existing articles like these that can be looked upon as predictions by the industry experts.

8) Go the Wiki way

This is one of the oldest and safest ways to gather truckloads of information in one stop! You can search for a common topic at random in Wikipedia. The sections “See Also” and “Reference” on the website can provide you with new ideas to write upon.

9) Crowdsourcing

The best way to get new content created is to ask your customers to write content for you. Your customers would love to do that for you. All you need to do is ask them to share their stories with you. This can include content like travelogues, a recipe that they made out of your product, how they use your product differently, and etc. This added zest amongst customers and their increasing involvement can only assure great coverage for the product.

10) Case studies

Case studies are one of the best sources of content that can be used for a service oriented industry when you fall short of ideas. Successful case studies not only market your services in the most appropriate way, but also serve as great content pieces for your domain.

In the end, it all boils down to that one crucial step of creating good content. Marketing this content efficiently is something that will get your business maximum visibility and brand recognition. The visibility of your product will automatically increase, helping it stay on top of mind.

All you need to do is invest ample time in planning your content strategies, as Simon Mainwaring, an award-winning branding consultant summarizes it aptly: “Transforming a brand into a socially responsible leader doesn’t happen overnight by simply writing new marketing and advertising strategies. It takes effort to identify a vision that your customers will find credible and aligned with their values.”

Shalaka Pawar

Shalaka Pawar

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