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IBM & Google Partner for Google Health Records

IBM and Google has just reached an agreement allowing an IBM software to stream medical and health records of patients to their Google Health record, if they already have existing accounts.

If you’re not using Google Health, this may not be an issue to you. But if you are a Google Health user, would you trust the system to stream your medical condition and transmit via the network to your Google Health account?

The new Google Health feature was made to facilitate fast and easy exchange of records between patients and their doctors in real time. Now, this maybe a pretty cool idea, but again breach of data security might hindrance the success of this new initiative from Google Health and IBM.

This feature is indeed useful and yet risky. So it’s up to you decide whether you’re going into it or not. To give you a peace of mind and perhaps convince you to use Google Health if you’re not yet using it,  be it known that the IBM software passed through the guidelines set forth by the Continua Health Alliance. The Alliance supports interoperable health care technology products, which we hope includes tight data security program.

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IBM & Google Partner for Google Health Records

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