6 Steps Toward Creating Great Marketing Content for Consumers

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Your audience is important. Knowing the types of people who are consuming your products and services is imperative to the success of your company. Those who ignore their audience and do not discover their buyer personas may soon be serving Tofu to a bunch of Texans, (and that is not going to go over well).


It’s not that Tofu is all bad; some people love it and clever marketers have turned this high-in-protein, coagulating soy juice into an acronym to represent the Top of The Funnel (inbound marketing) — an important first step in understanding your audience.

At the top of the funnel are all of your new customers. By sending these brand-new potential customers the right message and tailoring that message so that it changes as the customers go farther and farther through the funnel, you can be sure that happy clients will ultimately emerge. These happy customers will then spread good cheer on your name, returning and becoming a repeat customer. Right here is as good a place as any to point out that “quality” of product or service is a huge component of the equation, actually the most vital message.

One of the ways that we get to know our customers and create the correct message for them is through content marketing. Content marketing creates and shares valuable content for free. This free, creative information attracts customers like bees to honey (or vegetarians to Tofu) and convert these prospective customers into clients.

When content is created and posted, we can monitor the activity on this particular piece of content. By measuring the interaction with the content, we know if this subject matter, topic, and style appeals to or bores our audience.

Content is where we get the first impression of our buyers; it helps us to reach out and shake their hands and say “nice to meet you.”   And then we move forward creating more and more content that we know is popular with our particular audience.

Sounds delicious right? You probably want to dig in right away. Well, here are six steps to help you serve up your very own delectable content marketing campaign:

1. Persona Development

The first step is persona development. Get to know who your buyers actually are. It is amazing how many companies skip this step and it ends up hurting them in the end. By developing your buyer personas, you target and get linked to the people who actually have the power to affect your bottom line.

2. Strategy

After you have created all this great content, you need a strategy to make it very visible. Post your content on Pinterest, Facebook, Google +, and blogs—wherever and whenever you can. The more exposure the better. Have a strategy that helps you stay organized so your content is posted consistently.

3. Mediums

Remember that even the most remarkable content will fail without a proper promotional plan. Your blogs have to been read, your emails need to get open, and your videos must be viewed. Every piece of content must be properly promoted in order to obtain the proper value from the valuable content that you are painstakingly creating.

4. Content Types

When we talk about content, it isn’t just the written word. We live in a very visual world, so the content should include videos and infographics to name a few.

5. Resources

Your content marketing will not be successful if you do not have the correct people and the right resources. You need SEO experts, writers, marketers, videographers, PR managers, and digital artists to create a team that can get powerful results. This can seem a little daunting, but there are experts out there that can help you.

6. Metrics

Besides creating engaging, organic content, the next most important step is evaluating the metrics. If you don’t measure the worth and the direction of your content, then it will all be created for naught, and you will not get to know your customers better.


When starting to dig into your TOFU content marketing campaign remember that your core objective is to get to know your actually buyer persona so that you can be target the right audience for your industry. By following these six steps, you will get your content marketing campaign off to the right start and soon be sitting down to enjoy the scrumptious fruits of your labor.

Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher is a content writer and professional blogger for Solutions 8. She is obsessed with equality, hiking, coffee, wine, and reading. Her most important job is being an aunt to her 9 nieces and nephews. Follow her on Twitter @stephdrescher or read more of her work on their blog.
Stephanie Drescher
Stephanie Drescher
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  • http://gordonmeagher.com Gordon Meagher

    Solid tips. The bottom line is that you have to know your audience, and the best way to know your audience is by becoming your audience. Sorry if that’s a little Zen!

  • http://kofitweneboah.com/ Kofi Tweneboah

    Hi Stephanie,
    Thank you very much for posting such an amazing material.

    • http://sol8.com Stephanie Drescher

      You are welcome Kofi, thank you for your gratitude.

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  • http://globalmarketingops.com Meagan Sutton

    Thanks for the post, Stephanie. You give some great tips here. A lot of effort goes into creating great content and putting your content on the web means taking it global. So, if you’re targeting international consumers, it’s important to take these 6 steps a bit further. Compelling content must be culturally relevant and transcreated. Languages don’t usually translate word for word, so they must be localized as well as translated. When developing your strategy, choose social networks or search engines that are most popular in respective regions. For example, Baidu and Qzone are the leading search engine and social network in China. When taking your content global, resources should also include in-market translators. This is the best way to make sure your content remains compelling and is understood by other cultures.

    • http://sol8.com Stephanie Drescher

      In order to be relevant in today’s world you do have to think globally for sure. Thanks for your tips Meagan!

  • http://www.truewaytechnology.com SEO Services

    Hello !!

    Stephanie Thanks you so much for the good 6 steps material.

  • http://www.e-shot.net/ Alex Dumpfree

    Nice, simple and direct tips. Thanks Stephanie. Contents must be deliciously created for audience to taste it right away upon looking at it, then comes the flavor that will keep them eating it.

    • http://sol8.com Stephanie Drescher

      We marketers have to feed the masses ūüėČ Thanks Alex!