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How Will Google Integrate Other Browsers with Chrome OS?

There’s a rather interesting point of discussion raised by Read and Write Web regarding Google’s upcoming Chrome OS. Specifically,  on how will Google Chrome OS integrate with other browsers aside from the Chrome browser. It’s a very important concern which Google should seriously take into consideration if it wants to avoid falling into the same pitfall made by Microsoft when it bundled IE with its various OS. If you will recall, Microsoft even got a reprimand from the EU who required them to offer an option for user to select their browser in Windows 7.

Interestingly, Google may not be too keen on doing something about this issue. One proof is the fact that the Chrome browser is tightly integrated with the Chrome OS.  And there seems to be a coherent interplay between these two Google products that will be a key ingredient of how they will perform.

The issue was even heightened by the recent discovery of a Single Sign On option on Google Chrome OS, which will serve as a login manager for all Google web products. This SSO was spotted in the source code of the Chrome OS.

And so the question that remains to be answered now is, will Google offer user the option to use other browser other than the Chrome browser if they use the Chrome OS?

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How Will Google Integrate Other Browsers with Chrome OS?

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