How To: Use Social Media to Get a Job

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Abby Gilmore
Abby Gilmore
How To: Use Social Media to Get a Job

I graduated from college about two months ago.  With unemployment rates through the roof, I was scared to be out in the real world.  But thanks to social media, I landed a job in no time.  If you’re utilizing social media to brand yourself (and you should be!), follow these tips to ensure success in your job search.

Tweet, Tweet, Tweet

Twitter is a great resource for job searches, not only because of the great keyword search functionality, but also because you can easily form connections with others in your industry across the world. The first thing you must do is complete your profile.  Make sure you have a photo, link to your blog or another social networking site (perhaps LinkedIn) and a bio.

Then comes the fun part!  Connect with friends and others in your niche.  Do a Twitter search for keywords that pertain to the industry you are looking to work on.  There are many job recruiters on Twitter who post jobs daily, so follow and converse with them.  Also, if you tweet about your job search, you may come up in others’ searches for certain keywords.  The people who find your tweets may be able to help you out!

Take Advantage of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional social network that gives you the opportunity to put your resume online.  Your profile is searchable by recruiters and companies, and then those people are able to message you to inquire more information.  More and more companies are beginning to use LinkedIn to search for future employees.

To get the best results, be sure to request recommendations from previous employers and people you have worked with.  This is a surefire way for prospective employers to know what kind of worker you are.  Also, there are many niche groups you can join on LinkedIn that will post job opportunities available in the field.

Fix up your Facebook

Facebook is undoubtedly the largest social network in the world.  If you have a Facebook profile, make sure you do not have anything on there that you wouldn’t want a future employer to see.  If you have photos that could be considered inappropriate, you should take them off your profile.   But there is more than just censoring your photos to making your Facebook profile foolproof.  An online recruitment site posted their top ten turn-offs found on social networking sites, which include:

  1. References to drug abuse
  2. Extremist / intolerant views, including racism, sexism
  3. Criminal activity
  4. Evidence of excessive alcohol consumption
  5. Inappropriate pictures, including nudity
  6. Foul language
  7. Links to unsuitable websites
  8. Lewd jokes
  9. Silly email addresses
  10. Membership of pointless / silly groups

Begin a Blog

Setting up a blog and discussing topics in your niche will not only help you connect with others interested in the same topics, but it can help you get noticed by industry experts.  Show your readers that you care about what is going on in your industry by carefully researching topics and writing thoughtful posts.  Also, you can add a page on your blog dedicated to your resume with contact information and even a photo.

Once you’re up and posting, research other blogs in the industry you’re looking to work in and actively participate.  Start up a conversation by submitting a comment about a post that interests you. Also, if other blogs you read allow contributors offer to write a post about something you are an expert to further brand your name.

What tips do you have for using social media to find a job?

Abby Gilmore

Abby Gilmore

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