How To Share En Mass On StumbleUpon in 3 Simple Steps

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I’m assuming most of you are already somewhat familiar with StumbleUpon. For those who aren’t, Ann wrote a great post last year StumbleUpon Essential Basics A beginners Guide.

As most of you already know, StumbleUpon made some significant changes to the interface last year that weren’t received very well by the SU community. Besides changing the look and feel of SU, they made other major changes, including taking away the ability to share en mass to all of your StumbleUpon friends with only a couple of clicks. As shown by the screen shot below, on the new StumbleUpon if you want to share a piece of content with your SU comrades, you have to select each friend one by one and then hit “share now” once you have finally finished selecting all the friends you want to send to.

Share on StumbleUpon

Needless to say, this takes way too much time and effort.

Now for the good news! There is still a way to share en mass, and I’m going to show you how in 3 simple steps.

  1. Goto SU.PR and create a shortened URL
  2. Open the shortened url in a web browser and click the “share” button on the toolbar.
  3. Click the “all” button at the top right hand corner, type in a message to your recipients and finally click the share now button.

Tips for success:

  • Don’t spam your friends to high hell by sending them many mass shares per day. Moderation is key.
  • Don’t mass share only your website or blog. Not only will this annoy your friends and make you look like a spammer, but it can also get you banned.
  • Don’t make multiple social media request when you sending a share. i.e. “Hey can you Digg, Stumble, Reddit, mixx, prop and buzz?” Don’t do this unless you are in a hurry to piss people off. You are already sending the share, if your friends like what they see, they know what to do.

Now it’s not entirely clear if this is a temporary loophole that was leftover from the old StumbleUpon platform that will eventually be closed by the SU powers that be, or if it’s here to stay. Either way, now that you know how it’s done please don’t abuse this power.

Please share your thoughts, opinions and insights in the comments below.

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber

Gerald Weber is a professional SEO, social media enthusiast and Internet entrepreneur from Houston Texas. Gerald Founded Search Engine Marketing Group in December 2005. Follow him on Twitter and Google+ to learn more.
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  • Mark

    Thanks for this useful tip. I use SU and, but hadn’t thought to circumvent the limitations of SU with their own tool!

  • Middle Eastern Cooking Chef

    I don’t like their traffic, once I got 330 visits a day from them, but they don’t stay for more than a few second, so why bother?
    Twitter and Facebook send better more targeted traffic

  • Nate Moller

    Thanks for the tips.

    It’s hard to say if I like the work around or not though. There are some SU users that are constant “self-promoters” and this little trick is one I’m sure they’ll jump on.

    It’s good to know though.

    • Gerald Weber


      I agree with you and that “contact self-promoters” are annoying which is why I make the point not to abuse the ability to mass share. See tips for success near the bottom of the post.

      I generally unfriend preople that are “constant self-promoters”.

      You can either unsubscribe or uncheck the box that says “accept shares to my toolbar” that is next to the unsubscribe button and problem solved! 😉

  • bill

    “You are already sending the share, if your friends like what they see, they know what to do.”

    The point that stuck out to me.

  • garye

    Good tip and hopefully it last. The changes last year were a bit to drastic..

  • Whitney Segura

    Well, 1st I would like to say good post Gerald, one again you rock. Lol, I just wanted to say that 0boy’s icon is funny, just about all of my marketing buddies are friends with him, good guy.

    • Gerald Weber

      Yes 0boy a.k.a. (JD Rucker) definitely has a very unique and prominent avatar.

  • Ritu

    I don’t use SU as actively as I used to but I do use it every so often. Had no clue there was a way around it. Thanks for sharing this Gerald 🙂

  • @stuartflatt

    Hmmm I use SU alot less these days (rightly or wrongly) but I would think the whole point of ‘friends’ is to be able to disperse information to them as quickly and easily as possible?

    Ultimately if someone thinks you are spamming they won’t give a second thought to de-friending you, and for me, that is the trigger on right or wrong.

  • David Eaves

    Thanks for the tip, checking all of the boxes separately was a pain.

    • Gerald Weber

      Yes it is a pain to check them off one by one. I’m glad you found this one useful. See you on StumbleUpon! 🙂

  • Kikolani

    Thanks for the tip. It takes forever to click through each subscription, and if you have a browser hiccup, then you have to start over again – equally frustrating.

  • Anthony Kirlew

    Gerald, thanks for the info. FYI, your link to is broken.

  • Teasastips

    One thing I have always liked about SU is the great variety of sites to stumble. I must admit, I can get into my modes of ‘chronic stumbling.’ However, when the new design came out, I found it less ‘stumble friendly’ and I wasn’t able to determine who was stumbling anymore. Thanks for the tips.

  • dimaks

    Well, it does not seem to matter to me if a user always send me a link to stumble, as long as I have established his/her credibility of choice. But then again, sometimes i just ignore a link if I really don’t like the content.

  • Ravi Kumar Datti

    Wonderful post…..

    I was impressed with your post.. since last few months onwards am suffering with the problem..

    Now am relaxed thanks for sharing..

    – Ravi

  • Shell

    Well, you let the cat out of the bag, I hope you are happy. Now StumbleUpon has changed this too. You have to click everyone again.

    Next time, keep this type of news on the down low, and maybe it will stay around longer.

  • Sankar

    Hello Guys,

    it’s not working for me now.. just it’s worked for few days only.. after that i got same like before. Some one please help me why it happen ?

    Thank You,