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As many of you know, earlier this week Google released Fan pages for their Google + Network.  Google has opened up the ability to setup a Google + Fan Page, much like a Facebook Fan page to all businesses.  Google made this option available today. I currently have a  Virtual Tour company called Pixloo that I set up their fan page which you can view here.  It’s a very easy process and shouldn’t take longer than 5 minutes to complete everything.

To setup a Google + Company Fan Page you will start by going to where you will be able to choose from the following categories.

Different Google Plus Fan Page Categories

  • Local Business or Place
  • Product of Brand
  • Company, Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Other

After selecting which category your fan page will be, you will be prompted to enter your Page name, Website (optional), select a category, and who you would like to be able to see your fan page.  You can now limit what age group can see your fan page and limit if the content is not appropriate for certain age groups or users.  After filling out this information Google will create your page.

Next you will be prompted to choose a Tagline for your business.  In the Tagline section you will have 10 words to describe your page the best.  On this page you will also be able to add a profile photo to your Google + Fan Page.

After setting up your Google + Fan Page you can share the new fan page with all your circles.  Make sure after you setup your fan page that you post a couple things on there to not make your brand or local business look like they haven’t done anything.  If you are on the cutting edge of technology, you should always be posting about the things that you’re doing on your site.  Give yourself like, push it out to all your circles.

Right now Google has only allowed people to setup Google + Fan Pages and not allowed them to customize it like Facebook does.  They also haven’t given anyone the ability to customize the URL or give your Business a username like name.  They haven’t announced if or when this will become available but I would imagine it will happen soon.

John Rampton
John Rampton is an entrepreneur, full-time computer nerd, and PPC expert. Founder at payments company I enjoy helping people and am always online to chat +/@johnrampton
John Rampton
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  • OrSeep

    We too setup Google+ Page, Its fun to see Social Media War between Big G and F.

  • Yogendra Chavda

    Even i have created my own fanpage when it came live.. but still Facebook fanpages are quite good. lets see how far google can compete to big F 😀

  • Natalie

    Good to know! Google+ is really adding some cool features.

  • Sagar

    Is there any plugin/app which could auto-post site’s posts to G+ fan page?

  • Lusine

    Thanks for your information on how to create the page in Google + 🙂

  • BuzzQuotient

    Hi! Thanks for the step by step process! It’s useful. Google+ fan pages have a long way to go in terms of features but knowing Google, they will add them soon enough!

  • Ros

    Really glad I read this article – I’ve today set up a business page. Thanks for the nudge!

    Just hoping that G+ will become more popular. At first glance, it’s so similar to FB and therefore will struggle to find its ‘unique selling point’. It’s only because it’s Google that anyone’s bothered, I reckon.

  • james

    set up = verb
    setup = noun