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How To Run Successful PPC Campaigns: Interview With Ilya Lichtenstein

As part of our SEJ interview series, I caught up with Ilya Lichtenstein from MixRank and asked him to give advice on how to manage successful PPC campaigns.

Ilya is an expert on getting paid traffic and converting that traffic into sales. I took this opportunity with him to ask what are some of the key things search marketers can learns from the successful campaigns of others.

Hear his response in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • Ilya says what he’s seen is that most campaigns fail, plain and simple. According to his data, over 80% of PPC campaigns fail.
  • Ideally what you should do is kill the campaigns that are not doing well as quickly as possible, and learn from the ones you are succeeding with and launch more campaigns like those ones.
  • How do you find out which campaigns aren’t working? Ilya says to look at leading indicators when you’re launching a campaign.
  • A lot of people convince themselves that if they just tweak the campaign a little bit, it will start performing really well, or at the very least break even. However, Ilya says you can usually tell right away whether a campaign is going to succeed or fail.
  • Based on his data, Ilya says that successful campaigns are rarely ones that start off slow. You know you’re running a good campaign when it takes off and performs well immediately.
  • If a campaign doesn’t perform well right away, then it’s not worth your time. Kill off the under-performing campaigns and strive for break out successes. When you’ve found your break out success with a campaign, focus on creating more exactly like that one.

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How To Run Successful PPC Campaigns: Interview With Ilya Lichtenstein

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