How To Outrank Ripoff Report: Interview With Pierre Zarokian

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How To Outrank Ripoff Report: Interview With Pierre Zarokian

As part of our SEJ interview series, Pierre Zarokian of Submit Express joins us to discuss how to outrank Ripoff Report, a site that can be volatile to your brand’s reputation.

Ripoff Report does have good intentions by offering a platform for consumers to keep others aware of businesses who legitimately engage in poor practices. However, not all users of the site have good intentions.  Some abuse the site by setting out to maliciously damage a business’s reputation for personal reasons, and write negative articles on Ripoff Report because they rank well in search engines.

Don’t let your reputation get damaged by individuals who have a personal vendetta against your business. Learn how to outrank Ripoff Report in the video below:

Here are some key takeaways from the video:

  • The worst thing about Ripoff Report is that people can anonymously write fake negative reviews which cannot be removed. If you wish to respond to the negative review it will cost your business one thousand dollars. If the review is proven to contain false claims it will be revised but not removed completely.
  • Pierre says you have two options to reduce the visibility of Ripoff Report reviews for your business appearing in search results. One is to legally have it removed, and the other is to bury it underneath positive search results.
  • The danger of going the legal route is if the review is posted anonymously there’s no way of knowing who to sue, and you can’t sue Ripoff Report because they’re a third-party. If it’s a legit review there’s also the danger of losing the case because the claims were honest.
  • The other option, which Pierre calls the “push down method” is to bury the Ripoff Report link in the search results. Typically social media pages tend to rank pretty high, so Pierre recommends creating multiple social media accounts for your business that will eventually push the Ripoff Report link off the first page.

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  • James Halloran

    Ha! Ripoff Report has good intentions? I don’t think so if they’re charging a business $1,000 just to reply to a negative comment. They also extort — I mean charge — you to take down false claims.

    The best way to combat Ripoff Report extortion methods is to create positive content on high-ranking sites just like Pierre suggests. A strong social media presence helps, but it’s not the only method. Writing a newsworthy story that you can pitch to high-ranking news sites is another. Basically the more authoritative the site the better.

  • Rogers OutRank

    First off, what an outstanding piece James, thank you for this!

    It’s true that many consider ripoff report reviews to be a scam, specifically the small businesses affected by it’s content and fake testimonials, but it’s also important to consider that the channel also produces completely legitimate reviews as well. It’s also worth noting that there are times when competitors will leave fake reviews to damage their competitors reputation, or even times when customers leave damning reviews that potentially exaggerate or go above and beyond the truth in their reviews. Rogers OutRank has certainly been affected by the fake reviews left on this site.

    It would be great if there was a way to compare the legitimate reviews with illegitimate reviews within ripoff report. James, can you think of a way this might be possible? it’s clearly top of mind for small business owners affected by the reviews left on this site…

    Thanks again!