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How to Optimize for Google Chrome

If the predictions that soon Google Chrome will be bigger than FireFox turn true, SEOs should seriously think about making websites as Chrome-friendly as they can.

Google Chrome tab system:

Chrome tabs are of default set width: even if only a few tabs are open, they will be fairly narrow (in FireFox, the tab size is adjusted to the quantity of the opened tabs) and thus show only minor part of the page title: thus it has become even more important with Google Chrome than with FireFox to make sure that:

  • a page title should be short and concise;
  • the first part of a page title should preferably be unique (for users to quickly find the one they need if they have multiple tabs opened).

Google Chrome: tabs

Handling error pages:

If the browser fails to open the URL, it will show the user the following information:

  • error details (e.g. page status code);
  • more browsing suggestions: e.g. the suggested directory of the non-existent page or the site home page:

Google Chrome: error pages

  • the advice to search within a site for the terms contained in the URL;
  • the advice to search Google for the terms contained in the file path (including domain name):

Google Chrome: search suggestions

SEO implication:

  • now there is even more point in using “SEO friendly” (meaningful, readable) URLs: for Google Chrome to direct the user to the correct destination;
  • now there is even more point in making sure your site ranks first for [brand name]spelled separately – type of searches, because that’s what Google will suggest for the misspelled URL:

Google Chrome: domain search suggestions

  • now there is even more point in meaningful (those that can be split up into words) domain names to make sure Google will interpret the misspelled domain name correctly and hence leave a chance for your site to still be found:

Chrome: incorrect suggestion

“Search results before the search results”

As Aaron Wall correctly pointed out “getting people to search for your brand could be seen as another signal of quality.” So enhancing your brand awareness will be even more important now.

Chrome: search suggestions

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How to Optimize for Google Chrome

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