How To Increase The Response Rate of Your Outreaching Emails?

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Lalit Sharma
Lalit Sharma
How To Increase The Response Rate of Your Outreaching Emails?

Any link builder in the modern SEO world cannot live without the tools like Gmail, Link prospector, yesware and more, this is because the larger part of link building depends upon outreaching to bloggers, website owners, journalist and content producers  for different motives.

Sending and receiving emails has become one of the essential parts in the overall link building process. So, quality of an email matters very much.

No matter if you are either sending emails to grab links, conducting a survey or just getting customers feedback, quality of your email is the major aspect that have a direct impact on response rate of the email.

Here are few of the things that you should consider in order to improve your email quality and increase your response rate.

Use Branded Email:

I receive link requesting emails (asking for links direct and indirect) on daily basis and one of the major reason I do not respond to many of them is the fact that these emails usually contain free email address from Gmail, yahoo or more.

Whereas, I usually try and send the outreaching emails from my company email address or requests the clients to allow me give me access to one of their company email. The reason why one should send emails from their company account is because it confirms that the email is originally from the company and one is serious about conversation instead of other tons of email that people shoot through bulk email sending software.

Your branded email address is the first sign of trust to recipient and encourages them to click on the email to open it.

Contact people not brands:

This is the other reason why you are not getting enough responses for your outreaching emails. The idea is not to send emails to the target companies but people (right people).

Usually in bigger companies where there are multiple people responsible for different jobs, it is more difficult to target the right people but this is the only way you can improve the rate of response.

Social Media can be very helpful for this job. Try using Facebook or twitter to target the right people, connect with them and email them to get the job done.

Spend time on the subject line

This is the part of an email that most people either do not consider as important or at least do not spend much time crafting it. Email subject line is important and one should spend serious time creating it or else you might not receive the response rate you are looking for.

A best subject line is one that is interesting, engaging and encouraging enough for the recipient to open the email to go through the message.

Wrong way…

Hey checkout this life changing email for you

Right way…

Hey Mike, Would appreciate your response on my latest post about link building

Personalized, Personalized and Personalized!

Just writing a name of the recipient in the email is not enough, you need to be as much personalized as possible. Try spending some time finding out about the recipient and write accordingly. This will tremendously increase the response rate of your emails.

Try to write the email something like this.

Hello Mike,

I was going though your blog post last night and it was amazing how you differentiated good content and a great one. The idea of marketing a great content was impressive.

After reading that blog post I thought to write the case study about it to second your idea. Here is the link of my post [post link]. I would love if you can take some time and share your views about it.

Looking forward to see your comment on the blog post.




Keep it simple and quick

This is also important as people today do not really have time to read tons and tons of words so it is important to keep your email short and simple. Try to write an email at most of two paragraphs so that recipient can read and respond it easily.

Writing long emails will dramatically decrease the response rate of your emails as no one have the time to read long emails and respond to it accordingly.

This post at SEOmoz discusses how exactly you should draft an email that is short and to the point that people can easily read and respond quickly.

Follow up once

You send the email and you didn’t get a response back… deed done? Not really! the idea is to send the follow up email after 2 days (decide the margin of days keeping your industry in mind) so that people who may forget to reply you for some reason get back to the email and respond to it accordingly.

Again, your follow up email should be kind enough to delight the recipient instead of a template follow up email that irritate user (especially in the peek office hours).

Sending email sounds easy but when you are doing it for businesses you have to keep the above factors in mind so that you can receive a higher response rate. There can be many other factors but i tried to include the important one that most people forget.

If you have more ideas that can help one increase the response rate, I would love to hear from you in the comment section.


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